Computer Tip of the Day: Passphrase Alternative to Passwords

Passphrase Alternative to Passwords

You hear it constantly. “Use strong passwords.” “Don’t reuse passwords.” “Don’t use common words, be sure to mix characters, etc.” To the average technology user, it’s more than enough to be so overwhelming that the rules can encourage bad security habits. Traditional passwords, even strong ones, are easier to crack by way of brute force (computer-assisted repeat attempts to try different character combinations) than you might think. Combine this with

File Sharing

File Sharing

The advent of the internet has proven to be a convenient way of sharing computer data and files whether the points of sharing are close together or hundreds, or thousands of miles apart. Mostly, people share computer data and files by way of the internet today. However, there have been different methods of file/data transfer used over recent decades.  Gone although not lost are the days when walking or driving computer data from place

Computer Tips of the Day: Obvious, But, Not So Obvious Computer Performance Upgrades

Not So Obvious Computer Upgrades

Time spent on the computer can either be agonizing or blissful. The performance of the computer is one of the main aspects to enjoying your time online. As computers have become more and more the norm in workspaces, school and everyday life, a computer that runs smoothly and quickly is essential. There are several options for optimizing computer performance, here are tips for some of the easiest ways to upgrade

Computer Tip of the Day – Using Yahoo Mail for Business

Yahoo Mail for Business

Do you use Yahoo Mail to stay in touch with your friends, acquaintances, or business contacts? Yahoo Mail, although not as popular as Gmail, is still a great method of communication. Here are some useful tips and tricks for using Yahoo Mail. Delete All Mail At Once If you want to organize your inbox after not doing so for a while, you may have hundreds of emails to delete. Unfortunately,

Computer Tip Of The Day: Optimizing The Performance

Optimizing The Performance

Your company’s computer technology is one of your best assets, right? This means that you want to do everything you can to protect those assets. Well, today is the perfect opportunity to ensure that you are caring for your company’s computers. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can optimize your company’s computer technology performance. Eliminate Unused Software and Applications How much money do you think your