Should You Consider Outsourcing IT Services?

should you consider outsourcing it services

The cost of developing and maintaining an IT department may cause some business owners to undermine the necessity of making such an investment.

You need to understand that IT is part of the vital support services of your firm and accessing the same is not an option. It is a relief for most business owners when they discover that maintaining an in-house IT department is not mandatory thanks to the outsourcing option.

Here are a few reasons why outsourcing IT services can be the turning point that shifts your business in the right direction.

It Boosts The Morale of Employees

The idea of inviting someone from without to offer particular services without proper communication is not welcome among staff working in most companies because it creates a sense of insecurity. As you outsource IT services the understanding among your employees should be that you are delegating non-core functions to an external vendor so that staff can focus on the core activities of your firm.

When your employees discover that you are prioritizing their responsibilities over the IT services you choose to outsource, their morale and output will be on the rise.

Saving on Cost

When you opt to outsource IT services for your firm, the bottom line is that you will reduce cost and in most cases, this is a priority for anyone seeking such services. Some of the expenses you will avoid by opting for an IT services vendor include the cost of hardware, maintaining professionals, establishing a data center, and training your staff.

Providers of IT services buy internet in bulk, which implies that they can pass the savings they realize to their customers, and that will reduce your expenditures as well.

Risk Reduction and Enhanced Flexibility

Internet infrastructures are prone to malware, and if you do not know how to protect your IT installations from attackers, your company may suffer severe losses. Outsourcing IT services reduces the risk of internet scams because the vendor provides and updates the necessary defenses to protect your data.

IT service providers can also promote flexibility by scaling the IT requirements of your company up or down, which makes outsourcing a noble idea. If you need more information on reasons for outsourcing IT services, contact us today!

In Need of Managed Services for Your Doctor’s Office?

managed services
Managed Services

No business person is immune from it. Every professional has that moment when their printers are down, or their server is running slow, or their computer screen is frozen. What can you do about it if you are a busy doctor with a full patient load? You can’t let you technology slow you down. That is why you should consider managed services for doctor’s offices.

AE Technology Group is a tech support group that specializes in providing IT support for small to medium size businesses in Long Island and New York City. But we also understand what IT needs you have that are specific to a medical practice. First and foremost, your patient’s security is our number one priority. We want to make sure all of your information is stored in a way that is compliant with HIPAA.

We can test your office and give you recommendations on how to improve your practice so you would pass a HIPAA audit with flying colors. We also can provide you with secure email capabilities that allow you to share information with other providers and with your patients via email, but not with other people on the Internet. 

We understand that you need all of your technology working all the time. We run 24/7 proactive monitoring to catch as many issues as we can ahead of time. This minimizes any wasted time due to slow computers, printer disasters, and server crashes. 

Contact us at AE Technology Group for more information on how we can help your doctor’s office run with the most efficiency when it comes to technology. We understand your patients are counting on you, and we want you to be able to count on us.

Managing Employees Securely

managing employees
Managing Employees

There are some basic types of employees in certain businesses or companies — newemployees, promoted or demoted employees, and fired employees. The emphasis here is not necessarily spelling out every detail on how to deal with each although there are some pointers mentioned below. Rather, the primary emphasis pointed out herein is that there are indeed different types of employees in certain businesses or organizations which implies the need for a policy known as “least privilege”.

The policy of least privilege emphasizes that employees should be given access to resources within a company only to the extent which allows them to get their jobs done — any more access granted than that which is needed increases the overall risk of security breaches. A secretary who works at a front desk answering phones and managing communications within a company probably should not be given access to a company’s financial resources or any other computer data revealing it — this is a good example of least privilege.  

Other basic and common security measures taken as part of managing the said types of employees should be included in a policy — these include but are not limited to acceptable computer login times, strict password policies, procedures for hiring, promoting, demoting, and firing, acceptable breakrooms or break areas and separation of company WiFi from lobby WiFi — company computers should not be accessing the same WiFi access pointsthat personal computers are accessing due to increased risk of company security breaches.     

There is no exact science for securing a business with regard to computers, digital devices, and employees who use them, but there are indeed some basic and common practices that should be followed. Books can be obtained on the internet that educates one on basic security practices similar to what is put forth herein.

Please contact us for assistance in managing employees securely within the business.  

File Sharing

file sharing
File Sharing

The advent of the internet has proven to be a convenient way of sharing computer data and files whether the points of sharing are close together or hundreds, or thousands of miles apart. Mostly, people share computer data and files by way of the internet today. However, there have been different methods of file/data transfer used over recent decades. 

Gone although not lost are the days when walking or driving computer data from place to place was the norm — to this day, using “thumb” drives or “flash” drives is an easy, user-friendly way to move computer files and data around and continues to work well for most computer users. This method is sometimes called the “sneakernet” since people usually wear shoes when transporting computer data on foot.

Ethernet and WiFi are the common standards today for transferring computer data and files within the same building or adjacent locations. Ethernet and WiFi are physical network delivery systems and are very common in building infrastructures, including residential locations. Setting up these systems can be easy or relatively complicated depending on what the needs are.

The internet can be accessed through ethernet and WiFi although technically these are not the only ways to access the internet — they are the most common, however. Whatever the case, once the internet is accessed, there are what is called “cloud” options available which allow computer users extremely easy file/data transfers and communication with other people. In fact, the internet serves as a backbone that opens up a plethora of options for file and data sharing.  

The aforementioned concepts are relatively simple and can be configured for a relatively low cost. However, the schedules of hard working people running businesses can make setting up any of these types of things tedious. Sometimes it’s better to be left in the hands of experienced professionals.

Please contact us if assistance is needed in setting up a file or data transfer system. 

Computer Tip Of The Day: Email Misuse

computer tip of the day email misuse

Email Misuse

The boss has made it very clear that he or she is not happy about employees abusing some of the company’s resources. Multiple employees are facing disciplinary actions because of e-mails that have been spreading around the office. Those employees are being scolded for violating company security. How did any of this happen? How could this happen in your workplace?

Using computer technology in any workplace has created a simulated battlefield of likely downfalls for employees who do not abide by the usage policies that have been established by the corporation. Computer software, computer hardware, and internet access are provided to employees for business use only.

The systems everything is running on belongs to the company. Since the system belongs to the company, there should not be any expectations of any type of privacy. Many companies will engage in observation of computer access and computer usage, including surfing the web and viewing email content.

Here are some tips that we hope can ensure that company security does not threaten the security of your job.

Misusing Email

It is never a good idea to send an email that is sexually or racially disparaging. You could face accusations of creating an unfriendly work environment. It is important that everyone always remember that you will no longer have any control once you click Send. You may send the email to one person, but that person may share it with everyone else in the office. Eventually, that email will be traced back to you.

It is also not a good idea to leave your email account signed in when you are not at your desk. Someone could have easy access to your email and send messages without you having any knowledge of it. Someone who wants to sabotage your job could take advantage of you leaving your email account open.

Breaches In Confidentiality

Everyone in the workplace has an obligation to protect any data and documents that are confidential. Avoid using your laptop or other mobile devices to read confidential reports in public places. You will never know who is looking over your shoulder while you are reading. You should also avoid sending emails to the wrong person. If you inadvertently send data or statistics to the wrong person in the workplace, you can create more problems than you want to have.

The security of your devices should always be one of your main priorities. Never leave your laptop in plain sight because if it is stolen, the information that it carries can be taken and used by anyone. You should never blatantly misuse the devices the company has provided. You can be seen as untrustworthy and irresponsible if you misuse the company’s computer system in any way. You should protect all information and sign out of your computer when you are getting ready to leave the office.

Learn all the rules of the company and always stay on the side of caution. Contact AE Technology Group today for more tips and information.