Managed Services For New York Businesses: Making Sure Your Software Is Integrated Properly

Managed Services For New York Businesses: For your business to run smoothly, the various components of your IT infrastructure need to work well together – whether it’s two different software programs sharing data or a reliable connection established between pieces of network equipment.

Managed Services For New York Businesses

One example comes from a recent Business 2 Community article on integrating your CRM and CTI solutions.

CRM (customer relationship management) plays a critical role in marketing, sales, and customer retention, including strengthening brand loyalty, timing email marketing campaigns, and following up with customers who have voiced questions or concerns. CTI (computer telephony integration) refers to solutions for coordinating computer and phone interactions.

The article points out examples of how CRM and CTI software can work together to help you field customer calls more efficiently and maintain more accurate, comprehensive records of call times and conversations.

The result is a better understanding of your customers, why they phone in, and what each call has achieved, such as closing a sale or resolving a problem with a customer service representative. The data provides you with¬†potentially powerful insights that help you cater to your customers’ needs more consistently and effectively.

How can your IT managed services provider (MSP) help?

Your MSP will monitor, maintain, safeguard, and improve your IT infrastructure. These responsibilities include helping you integrate software, ensuring that the programs work together properly. They’ll also respond quickly to any problems and help you avoid costly downtime.

From your MSP, you can also receive suggestions for how to make the most of your software – such as combining your CRM solution with Microsoft Outlook or other programs containing relevant customer information. Your MSP can implement automated processes and other shortcuts that improve efficiency and reduce the chances of human error.

To further discuss what an MSP can do for you, please contact us. Gaining an advantage over competitors means, in part, ensuring that all the software and hardware you rely on work together seamlessly.