The Four Myths About IT Support

the four myths about it support

Let’s take a moment and dispel some of the misinformation surrounding IT supportae-itsupport. Here are four myths that you can now discount.

IT support is too expensive and your small business can’t afford it

This is one we hear all the time. This is really more of a worry than it is a thought since it doesn’t make too much sense. Overall, there are two reasons why you can afford IT support. The first is that the service itself is cost-effective. It’s not going to be your biggest expense and the monthly bill is predictable. The second reason is that it lets you concentrate more on your business. Our economy is based off of people specializing in what they do best. Let IT professionals take care of your network and focus on your clients and products.

In-house support is better than outsourced support

While it’s certainly more expensive, in-house support is not always necessarily better than outsourced support. Ask yourself what kind of IT support you need in the first place. If it’s just normal everyday stuff, then outsourcing IT support will be just fine. If you’re asking why businesses would choose to outsource support instead, take another look at the first myth.

Businesses don’t need IT support

If your business only has one laptop, a printer, and a basic wireless network, then you probably don’t need IT support. But once you start adding more devices, you have to start thinking seriously about network security. Plus, there are a bunch of other services like cloud computing and VoIP. Your business needs IT support the same way you need Internet access.

IT support teams don’t listen to businesses

We’ve all brought our car to a mechanic only to be ignored when we suggest what could be wrong. We drive the same car every day, so they should probably hear what we have to say. We keep this same mentality when working with businesses. Whether you have a problem with your data or you need advice about which IP phone to buy, we’ll listen to you before making a decision.

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IT Support: How a Conflict of Interest Affects IT Expenses

it support how a conflict of interest affects it expenses


IT support teams understand the technology

There’s often a conflict of interest when it comes to IT-related purchases. In the end, it all comes down to who’s making the decision and what he or she values to be the most important. Sometimes this isn’t the best option for the entire company.

IT spending should be left to IT teams. They understand the technology best and know exactly what the business needs to upgrade in. Their decisions should be verified by the accounting team, of course. It’s a system of checks and balances that keeps expenses under control.

In some companies, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is in charge of IT spending. This is presumably because they want to decide which marketing software the company uses. A recent CIO article explains how this scenario can lead to a spending catastrophe:

“When CMOs take control of IT spending, then they may well move fast and break something. With budgetary responsibility comes the responsibility for things like security, scalability and performance. The first time the systems go crashing down because they can’t scale sufficiently, or for whatever reason, the CMO is going to have to go looking for help from the CIO.”

If your business doesn’t have an IT team, don’t just put a random person in charge of IT expenses. Chances are they don’t know the equipment well enough to make a prudent financial decision.

If you need advice or consultation, consider getting in touch with an IT support team. They understand the technology and can tell your business what needs to be upgraded and what you should buy. If you already outsource your IT support, then make sure you contact them before making any major technology purchases. All of this is in the best interest of your business.

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Picking the Right IT Support and Solutions Provider for Small Medium Business

picking the right it support and solutions provider for small medium business

Small Business IT SupportHaving good small medium business it support and solutions is important if you want to ensure that your company’s information technology needs are satisfactorily met. But with all the IT solutions providers out there, picking the one for the job can sometimes be difficult. So how do you choose a solutions provider for your business operations?

Understanding What Your Business Really Needs

One important matter to note of when choosing an IT solutions provider is that small and medium businesses have different needs compared to larger companies. For instance, a small online store might not need to use a dedicated server to handle transactions. Hosting services, such as Google Drive, are often enough to keep tabs on the transactions coming through the store. This in turn, can cut down greatly on the amount of IT solutions needed.

However, as this PR Web article says, you need to think broadly when looking into your business’ particular information technology needs. Ask yourself what kind of tasks have to be accomplished for business operations. Determine which tasks need IT support and which ones can be managed even without it. You also need to determine whether your business operations might be at risk with your current IT setup. From there, you will be able to map out a comprehensive IT support plan.

Looking for the IT Support Provider

Price is often one of the first considerations made by companies when looking for small/medium business IT support and solutions provider. After all, these companies often don’t have a lot of money to spend. However, one mistake to avoid here is going with a provider simply because they have the lowest offer. Remember that you are putting your business’ IT capability on the line here. Go over the IT plan you have prepared and see which provider is able to give everything you need for a fairly reasonable price.

Sufficient tech support is also an important consideration when choosing an IT solutions provider. Blue Derkin gives a rundown of important questions to ask when checking a provider’s tech support capability:

“When my site, for some unknown reason, goes down, can I call up and get a real, live person on the phone? And, more than that, can they find out what’s wrong and fix it, or at least tell me what I need to do to get my site back online? Before going with a host look into their reputation for customer support. See what kinds of different ways you can contact them when you need support – email, toll-free phone, chat, and so on. Are they staffed 24/7? Do they outsource support?”

Working with the IT Support Provider

When working with your chosen IT provider, keep in mind that they still have their limitations. For instance, the tech they provide might not be able to meet demands higher than what has initially agreed upon. Take this into consideration when making an assessment of the provider’s performance. It would also be a good idea for you to discuss scalability options early with them, so that these can be implemented when needed.

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Start Your Relationship with Outsourced IT New York

start your relationship with outsourced it new york

Outsourced IT New York

For years, small to medium sized businesses thought of IT management as something that only large corporations needed. However, increasingly, smaller companies are starting to realize why professional IT management is something that every business needs. In fact, in today’s technological climate, you could suffer great financial losses if you go without IT management.

Modern Business Needs IT for Communication

If your business is like most, it is more than just a few desktop computers in an office. You likely have several printers, faxes and other devices. In addition, many of your staff members use laptops, tablets and smartphones to do their work; or just to complete small tasks. It is important for all of these devices to communicate. In addition, many businesses are taking file storage; customer service management and other tasks like HR managment to the cloud. When you have a New York outsourced IT company monitor every part of your networking, (from your hardware to the cloud), this also helps to improve productivity for your workers and increase network security.

Modern Business Needs IT to Avoid Downtime

Most mechanical things do have an issue or two from time to time. However, most would consider it a nightmare to have seven computers down at a small outdoor clothing catalog office for three hours on a Saturday afternoon. You can lose a great deal of sales when you experience even just 30 minutes to one hour of business down time.

In addition, why just call in one IT guy every time something goes wrong? Why opt for a temporary fix for a possibly larger problem?

Lastly, backup is essential. A good IT department will help you to select the right sized backup for your business. An out of the box solution might not be the most secure for your business model; or the simplest one for your staff to use.

More Affordable Than You Think

One of the main things that keeps small to medium sized businesses from hiring an outsourced IT staff is that owners and managers are worried about cost. However, AE Technology Group offers 24/7 monitoring at a monthly flat rate that you agree to up front. There are no additional fees. In addition, it’s much cheaper to pay for preventive maintenance than it is to pay for data recovery. In some instances, you might not even be able to recover your lost data; so the cost of that is often immeasurable. Contact us to learn more!

5 Ways MSP IT Support and Network Support Can Help Your Business on Long Island, NYC, and New York

Have you been trying to manage your business IT yourself?

With today’s rapidly changing technology and IT support needs it’s increasingly difficult and time consuming.

Today, more and more businesses are hiring managed service providers rather than having a full IT department of their own to manage their technology needs.

If you don’t want the hassle or expense of dealing with technology issues in house, consider hiring an MSP.

Since most systems today can be managed remotely using the internet, MSPs can monitor, protect and support their customers computer systems and networks from a separate location.

Here’s 5 reasons to use an MSP:

* Receive On Demand IT Support
* Save Time, Money, and Space In-House
* Simplify Your IT Expenses & Billing
* Take Advantage of Expert IT Knowledge & Expertise
* Experience Proactive Management of Your Systems

You have enough to do without staying up nights fixing or worrying about your IT problems.

As an MSP it’s in our best interest to make sure that your systems are up and running smoothly at all times.

We offer a range of services that will save you time, money, and frustration and will help you focus on making your business more successful through better technology.

Contact the AE Technology Group and our experts will evaluate your businesses technology needs and show you how you can benefit by working with a managed service provider.