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Cybersecurity for modern businesses is always attempting to stay ahead of the increasingly more complex security threats from hackers and cybercriminals. Companies will continue to invest in technology to enhance their business. As technology evolves, so do the cyber security threats that can infiltrate a business’s network. No company is immune, where smaller enterprises or large government agencies, even with today’s securities.

The Risks of Modern Technology

Technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, cloud services, and more allow businesses to streamline their processes and accomplish more efficiently and accurately in a shorter timeline. With more technology comes greater risk as cyber criminals consistently innovate and find new ways to steal data from businesses of any size. 

Advancements such as automation remove human error and provide a more efficient way of doing business, but it doesn’t come without increased risks. Cybercriminals have highly sophisticated tools and capabilities using the very technology that businesses use to streamline their processes. 

When your business invests in technology, it’s important to invest in robust and aggressive cyber security that protects data and your business’s networks. A comprehensive review of your cybersecurity practices should be reviewed regularly. You want to consider the following: 

  • Do your employees have enough training to be an asset rather than a vulnerability?
  • Are the security measures currently in place enough to protect your business against threats and risks? 
  • Is your business prepared and looking ahead at the developing and evolving cyber threats and risks that are likely to emerge with new technologies?

The Current Evolving Threat Landscape

If your business is going to be prepared for advanced threats, it’s important to stay up to date with the current threats that can impact your business. Here are a few ideas on how to protect your business from developing threats.

Malware – Malware is becoming increasingly harder to find. Malware is getting better at mimicking user behavior as it is better at hiding their actions. To fight this threat, you need to ensure your team is trained to be able to spot malware or use automated security solutions to help you catch malware before it becomes a major problem.

More Technology Means More Vulnerability – More technology may be beneficial for businesses, but more technology means you have more to protect from attacks. Increased risk management and streamlining technologies to make IT less complex can help protect your business. 

Increase Upper Management Awareness – Often in companies, the upper levels of the corporate hierarchy remain blissfully unaware of the security issues and threats as they believe these risks are to be handled by the IT team. Cyber attacks can impact any level of a business, and it’s important to ensure everyone, including high-level executives, have a base awareness of the threats and what to look for. 

Need Help Securing Your Business

Working with us as your managed IT service can help ensure your data is protected against any cybersecurity threat your business may encounter. You can get back to focusing on running your business while we focus on protecting your business from cyber threats. To learn more, give us a call at (516) 536-5006.

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