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Computer Tip of the Day: Save Your Eyes From the Computer

Save Your Eyes

Have you ever noticed that it’s difficult to fall sleep if you use your phone, computer, or tablet late at night? Do you ever think about the fact that you need to save your eyes from the computer? Although some people will argue that this is because you’re not letting your mind rest, there’s a simpler explanation

Have You Found The Right IT Support in New York?

The Right IT Support in New York

Most businesses require some, if not quite a bit, of IT support to keep running smoothly. Whether you are just starting a business and need someone to walk alongside you, or you work at an established business that needs some extra support, AE Technology Group is the right IT support in New York. We help businesses

Computer Tip of the Day: How to Keep Your Email Inbox Clean

Email Inbox

It doesn’t take long for an email inbox to become littered with messages that are completely forgotten, not relevant anymore or downright spam or junk mail.  Most individuals receive thousands of emails every month, yet only a handful of messages are still relevant after a few weeks.  Here are a few tips to help you

Protect Your Organization From the Risk of Default Configurations

Default Configurations

Preventing information security incidents requires application of proper best practice cybersecurity configurations. Applying best practice configurations at the network infrastructure, system, service and application levels can even protect your organization and thwart information security threats not yet in existence by substantially decreasing the organization’s cyber security attack surface. Cyber-criminals tend to look for common configuration

Have You Tested Your Disaster Recovery Plan? Here Is Why You Should

A recent article from Forbes that’s well-worth reading lists five major ways businesses perform poorly on IT disaster recovery plans. Second on the list is the failure to test disaster recovery plans. Why is testing necessary? Without testing the disaster recovery plans measures you’ve come up with for your computer systems, your plan remains mostly

Computer Tip of the Day: Password Complexity is Essential For Your Organization’s Application Security

Password complexity

Passwords are the most common method (along with user accounts) for authenticating a person in order to identify them as someone allowed access to the system and company network. This is especially true within networks where multiple platforms exist (such as Windows, Linux and Apple iOS) because not all systems support more advanced authentication devices.

Backup Your Computer With These Cloud Computing Tips

Cloud Computing tips

In the business world, there are plenty of ways you can backup your data and keep it safe from threats. As an example, some people use a USB flash drive for securing their data, while others use cloud computing. Speaking of which, the latter option is one of the best ways to backup your computer

Computer Tip of the Day: Signs That You May Need Virus Removal

virus removal

Keeping your computer running properly requires a certain amount of maintenance and upkeep as you will want to ensure that all of its software is up to date, and that your computer is running as efficiently as possible. However, another important aspect of computer maintenance is knowing when you are in need of virus removal.

4 Reasons Why A Disaster Recovery Plan Is Important For Businesses?

disaster recovery plan

Does your business have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan? Unfortunately, many businesses either don’t have a plan written up, or the plan they’ve formulated is inadequate for their needs. For example, Nationwide’s Small Business Indicator survey showed that over two-thirds of small businesses lack a written plan, delaying their recovery from natural disasters. And of

These Should Be The Key Steps In Your Business Continuity Management Cycle

Business Continuity Management

Strong business continuity management helps ensure that your company will keep functioning even when hit with a serious IT disaster. Businesses frequently name cyber attacks as a top threat, but there are other potential disasters as well, including IT infrastructure malfunctions and employee error and negligence. How do you keep your business running under such

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