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IT Support in New York Can Help Your Business Manage App Security

Manage App Security

Numerous people use their mobile devices for business purposes. A smartphone or tablet can help your employees get their work done more efficiently and flexibly, from multiple locations and at different times throughout the day. It’s important, however, to keep in mind the potential vulnerabilities of mobile devices. One kind of security weakness comes from

Computer Tip of the Day: Faster, More Selective Screenshots

Selective Screenshots

Selective screenshots are a useful tool for both desktops and mobile devices. Although most people know how to take them, few know how to do so efficiently. In this blog, we’ll teach you about Microsoft’s Snipping Tool for Windows 7, 8 and 10. What you’re probably doing Let’s say you need to take a screenshot of

Four Tips For Effective Server Management

Effective Server Management

It is not uncommon for organizations nowadays to rely almost completely on their technology hardware and software in order to accomplish their most basic daily operations — and corporate servers are one of the main backbones providing essential technology services.  In this post we will discuss four tips that will afford you effective server management

Lackluster Performance? Here Are 4 Tips to Improve Company Efficiency

Improve Company Efficiency

You’re not the first business owner or manager to be disappointed with your company’s performance. Others before you have faced the same challenge and managed to find success. Here are four tips to help you break through this plateau and improve your company efficiency. Find a good managed services benefits provider First off, you need

How Good is Your Browser’s Security?

Browser's Security

If you think that all browsers are essentially the same with regard to privacy and security, think again.  Just as the threat from viruses and malware is constantly evolving, so are the abilities of those organizations who create and maintain browsers to continually meet challenges from external threats.  In this post we will compare and

How to Prolong Your Laptop Battery Life

Laptop Battery Life

Laptops give you the flexibility and portability to work from wherever you want, making them the computer of choice for many individuals. However, using a laptop means that you are only portable as long as you have battery life remaining, which can make it important to take certain steps to extend your laptop battery life.

Choosing The Right Backup Systems For Computers: Five Considerations

Backup Systems

Strong backup systems for your computing devices are critical. Without backups, your business is much more likely to suffer costly permanent data loss and extended downtime; as a result, you’ll lose customers and struggle to recover after an IT disaster. Whether it’s equipment failure during a storm or a ransomware attack that denies you access to your

The 2 Types of Disaster Recovery Solutions You Need To Know

Disaster Recovery Solutions

There are a couple of different ways to approach disaster recovery solutions. One involves planning a strategy on your own, while the other calls for a complete service. In addition, there are several ways you back up your data and some are better than others. We’ll go over all of this and more in this

Computer Tip of the Day: Save Your Eyes From the Computer

Save Your Eyes

Have you ever noticed that it’s difficult to fall sleep if you use your phone, computer, or tablet late at night? Do you ever think about the fact that you need to save your eyes from the computer? Although some people will argue that this is because you’re not letting your mind rest, there’s a simpler explanation

Have You Found The Right IT Support in New York?

The Right IT Support in New York

Most businesses require some, if not quite a bit, of IT support to keep running smoothly. Whether you are just starting a business and need someone to walk alongside you, or you work at an established business that needs some extra support, AE Technology Group is the right IT support in New York. We help businesses

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