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Computer Tip of the Day: Power Management

power management

Computers run more reliably when they don’t encounter power outages and brownouts. A machine that suddenly loses power not only leaves documents unsaved but can suffer damage to both the hardware and the file structure. To keep this from happening, computers should run from an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). It’s an economical way to make them last longer and avoid data loss. The benefits of a UPS A UPS contains

Tech Terminology: Chromebook

Tech Terminology Chromebook

Chromebooks are a pretty common device at this point, and this popularity only makes sense. For many, the Chromebook offers basic features that serve their purposes well, but there are those who wouldn’t be satisfied with their capabilities. This week, our Tech Term is Chromebook, so let’s take a closer look to gain a deeper understanding of them. Comparing Laptops and Chromebooks While they might look similar in structure, there

Computer Tip of the Day: Rescuing Your Computer from Ransomware


Ransomware is a piece of software that sits somewhere between viruses and general programs. It is a type of program that can be used to lock your computer and make it close to impossible to gain access to your computer again until you agree to pay the person responsible money to release your computer to them with no guarantee they will agree to release your computer access to you again once you

Tech Term of the Week: Motherboard

Tech Term Motherboard Chipset

Your computer is built from countless parts and intricacies, one of which is the motherboard. In this weeks’ tech term, we’ll go in-depth into what the motherboard does for your computer, as well as why it’s so critical for continued operation. What the Motherboard Does The motherboard is essentially the computer’s internal control center, or its “brain.” It’s the communication hub of your device. It’s basically the central circuit board

Computer Tip of the Day: Avoid Getting Hacked

Avoid Getting Hacked

Most people think that a computer virus is anything that can go wrong with a computer. When something goes wrong with a computer, it’s often said, “I’ve got a virus!” In order to browse the internet safely and avoid being “hacked,” it should be understood what viruses are and how to avoid them. A computer virus is a software program written to exploit security flaws in Microsoft Windows, OS X (Macintosh), and

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