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Tip of the Day: Maximizing Your Start Menu

start menu

Did you love the start button functionalities from Windows 7, but dislike what happened with Windows 8 and Windows 10? We’ve got a hot tip for you that returns that feature with multiple options that you can tweak to your hearts content. It’s a shell replacement program called Classic Shell, which gives you that awesome Windows 7 start menu that we all knew and loved with both new and old functionality. Go

Factors to Consider When Controlling User Access

Controlling User Access

As computer usage becomes more and more mobile and hackers become more plentiful, the risk for corporate data to fall into the wrong hands, either through a lost or stolen device or through an online hacking event steadily continues to increase.  The idea that only large corporations incur significant data breaches is simply a myth.  Even smaller businesses are vulnerable to data theft by a disgruntled employee, an email scam

3 Things to Know About Why Updates are Vital to Your Company’s Safety

Company's Safety

Most of us have experienced the annoyance of waiting for our computers to update while we anxious drum our fingers wanting to move onto the next task. But rather than be annoyed, it is important to remember why we have these updates in the first place. In this blog post, we will discuss 3 things to know about why updates are vital for your company’s safety. Hackers Exploit Out-of-Date Systems

Computer Tip of the Day: Choosing a Chrome OS Device As a Secondary PC

Chrome OS Device

In the years since the first Chrome OS devices arrived in 2011, the platform continued to evolve and mature. What was initially an OS so light on features that even average users were somewhat confused by the concept blossomed into a viable Windows alternative covering many software needs through Google’s suite of webapps, and more recently, full Android app support. Still, Chromebooks and Chrome OS aren’t for everybody. Jobs and

Network Cable Installation

Network Cable Installation

A reliable network requires professionally installed cables. A cheaply done job, without the necessary expertise, will deliver unreliable service and cost more to fix later. Good installation gives you connections that stay connected and wiring that avoids interference. The cables need to be high-quality. For most Ethernet networks, CAT 5e or 6 is the right choice. Lower-quality cables won’t handle high data speeds. You don’t want to have to replace

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