Understanding and Creating Respect in the Workplace

Respect in the Workplace

Neglected and disgruntled employees can get in the way of your company’s success. This often occurs when they feel disrespected by fellow employees or by upper management. On the other hand, employees who feel respected in their workplace are more confident and loyal. For a company to be successful, employers and managers must know how they can nurture and sustain a culture of respect in their organization.  A majority of

Aiming For a Healthy Workplace Dynamic: Understanding the Value of Respect in the Workplace

A company’s success is not only determined by the quality of its products and services or customer metrics. Personal relationships and perceived behavior among employees in the workplace also have a significant effect on company productivity. With global conversation shifting towards diversity and inclusion, employee pools are now filled with differing perspectives, personalities and work style. A healthy workplace dynamic can determine if your greatly diverse employees perform optimally or

Why You Need A Specialized Technical Support: Getting the Most Value from a Managed Help Desk

Technical Support

In this digital age, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any business that does not rely heavily or entirely on information technology. Whether for advertising, communication, or their actual core businesses, all business owners make a significant investment in installations and development of appropriate technology for their line of work. While there are many tech-savvy people in the workforce nowadays, there is still a need for technical support specialists to handle

Streamlining Collaboration: Microsoft Teams vs. Slack

Teamwork may make the dream work, but choosing the right collaborative software for your business can be a nightmare without the right information! AE Technology Group is here to help. Microsoft Teams and Slack are two excellent options for the growing corporate technology sphere. Explore the benefits of each prior to selecting the ideal collaboration platform. Teams Microsoft Teams is a specialized powerhouse that creates efficiency through streamlining processes and

5 IT Myths Heard All Too Often Your Business Should Know

Your Business Should Know

Working in IT can leave the door open for a lot of technology myths, conspiracies, and even rumors that will often times circulate around the water cooler. Some of them are downright funny and give your IT team a laugh. We’ve heard them all, and wanted to share them with you so you don’t get tripped up by these IT urban legends.  Overnight Charging  While a smartphone’s battery was once