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These Should Be The Key Steps In Your Business Continuity Management Cycle

Business Continuity Management

Strong business continuity management helps ensure that your company will keep functioning even when hit with a serious IT disaster. Businesses frequently name cyber attacks as a top threat, but there are other potential disasters as well, including IT infrastructure malfunctions and employee error and negligence. How do you keep your business running under such

Computer Tip of the Day – 3 Ways to Record Screen Capture Videos

Record Screen Capture Videos

Being able to capture and record your screen is extremely useful if you want to create a video tutorial and you need to show your viewers specific websites or applications you are using. Here are a few tools that you can use to record screen capture videos. Camtasia Camtasia Studio, by Techsmith, is probably the most

Disaster Recovery Vs Business Continuity: Are They The Same?

Disaster Recovery Vs Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery Vs Business Continuity: Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) are often thought of as pretty much the same thing, but in reality there are significant differences between the two. Both are key elements of a company’s ability to continue functioning after an emergency. Yet it’s possible for a business to have in

Managed Services For New York Businesses: Making Sure Your Software Is Integrated Properly

Managed Services For New York Businesses

Managed Services For New York Businesses: For your business to run smoothly, the various components of your IT infrastructure need to work well together – whether it’s two different software programs sharing data or a reliable connection established between pieces of network equipment. One example comes from a recent Business 2 Community article on integrating

Make Safer Decisions Involving The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

Have you heard of The Internet of Things? ZDNet recently published an article called “The Internet of Weaponized Things,” highlighting the potential dangers posed by Internet-enabled devices and services. Many businesses focus on the convenience and efficiency of such devices (which are undeniably beneficial), while not understanding the full extent of their vulnerabilities to hacking

Productivity Plugins For Major Browsers: Computer Tip Of The Day

Productivity Plugins

When you are on your computer at work, it is too easy to get distracted. A world of information and entertainment is at your fingertips. Thankfully, there are a few browser plugins and extensions that make it simple to stay on task. Here are some of the best productivity plugins for each of the major

Computer Tip of the Day – Don’t Forget Those Control Keys!

computer tip of the day

We all like to be as efficient as we can be. Whether you are in Word or composing an e-mail, if you prefer the keypad to the mouse, using control- keys can save you a lot of time! Our computer tip of the day will help. Computer Tip of the Day You’ve probably seen at

IT Support For Your Business: Four Critical Components of IT Support

IT Support For Your Business

Strong IT support is essential for business growth and success. But how do you know if your business is receiving high-quality IT services? Learn about IT support for your business. Companies sometimes wind up spending more money in a particular area, such as cyber security, only to find out they haven’t made the right decisions

Computer Tip of the Day: Speeding Up Your Device

Speeding Up Your Device

When you first buy a new computer at the store, it’s amazing how fast it runs. Pages load up quickly, there’s little to no slowdown, plus files and videos download almost instantly. As the years go on, though, not only does your computer begin to show its age, but it doesn’t run as fast as

With a Proactive Approach to IT Services, You Don’t Wait for Disaster to Strike

For many businesses, IT support looks like the following scenario. A vital piece of software keeps crashing, and no one can explain why. A number of employees can’t get their work done. After some time, IT professionals start investigating the problem. Sometimes, they’re able to fix it on the spot. Other times, the solution is

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