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Computer Tip of the Day: Saving Time and Improving Your Internet Search Results

Saving Time

Search engines run using an algorithm to determine which results appear for each search. If you are looking for something specific it can become frustrating if it does not immediately appear in the search result. Sometimes you need to change the way that you are using the search engine. Here are a few internet search

Computer Tip of the Day: Turning Long Internet Addresses into Easy to Read URLs

Long Internet Addresses

Link sharing is one of the easiest ways to share new content with colleagues, friends, and family. If you want to share important information with a supervisor, manager or client, then including multiple convoluted URL’s can easily make the email or message difficult to navigate. Here are a few tips that you can use to

Computer Tip of the Day – Microsoft’s Fall Creators Update Coming Soon

Microsoft's Fall Creators Update

For some time now, Microsoft has been teasing their users about a major update for their Windows 10 operating system.  This major update has finally arrived.  The long-anticipated update for Windows 10 will be coming out on October 17.  In this post, we will discuss some of the new features that will hopefully make your

Computer Tip of the Day: Diving Up Your Screen

Computer Tip

Whether you’re using a big monitor or an 11-inch laptop, you can probably benefit from learning how to divide up your screen quickly. In this blog, we’ll tell you how you can resize your screens without having to drag the windows with your mouse manually. Windows key + Up The Windows key + Up shortcut

6 Benefits of IT Support for New York Businesses

Benefits of IT Support

New York businesses can’t afford to waste time, money, or any other resources for that matter. In this blog, we’ll explain how they can learn benefits of IT support. Remote support Not every computer problem requires the physical presence of a technician. In fact, most can be solved from a remote location. With IT support, New

20 Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time

Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts

Youtube is one of the highest-traffic sites in the world. People go there for both entertainment and education purposes. Here are some useful Youtube keyboard shortcuts to help you save time and navigate Youtube easily. To go back five seconds, click the left arrow To go back 10 seconds, click on j To go forward

Computer Tip of the Day – Protect Your Equipment From Power Interruptions

Power Interruptions

Computer equipment has become so commonplace in our society that sometimes we forget they are still vulnerable to electrical power spikes, brownouts and power interruptions.  It is just too easy to plug in our laptops or PCs directly into an electrical outlet and assume that no harm will ever occur. For an individual, losing their

15 Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome That Will Save You Lots of Time

Are you aware of how much time you can save when using Google Chrome? There are many keyboard shortcuts that will enable you to navigate Chrome quickly without having to move your mouse. Here are some cool and relatively unknown keyboard shortcuts you should know about. Open a new tab: Ctrl + T Open a

IT Support in New York Can Help Your Business Manage App Security

Numerous people use their mobile devices for business purposes. A smartphone or tablet can help your employees get their work done more efficiently and flexibly, from multiple locations and at different times throughout the day. It’s important, however, to keep in mind the potential vulnerabilities of mobile devices. One kind of security weakness comes from

Computer Tip of the Day: Faster, More Selective Screenshots

Selective screenshots are a useful tool for both desktops and mobile devices. Although most people know how to take them, few know how to do so efficiently. In this blog, we’ll teach you about Microsoft’s Snipping Tool for Windows 7, 8 and 10. What you’re probably doing Let’s say you need to take a screenshot of

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