Internet Advocacy And The Constant Fight For Internet Rights

Internet Advocacy

The internet has been one of the greatest achievements in humanity, but it comes with scrutiny. Today, many online advocates are fighting for the rights of people that use the internet. The people that are fighting for our rights have began to make strides in the way businesses (especially those exclusively on the internet) can act. Let’s take a look at the advances that internet advocates have made to protect

Microsoft Increases Protection From Junk Email in Office 365

Junk Email

Considering the extent to which many businesses rely on email, it is not surprising that the growing number of phishing and spoofing emails making it into people’s inboxes has become more of a problem than a nuisance. Considering Microsoft is one of the largest email providers for commercial users, with over 120 million business users subscribing to Office 365, Microsoft saw an opportunity to provide an additional service to its

A New iPhone Bug Allows Anyone Access to Private Photos

iPhone Bug

If you downloaded Apple’s latest iOS to fix last month’s passcode vulnerability for the iPhone, you’ll be dismayed to learn that another security flaw has recently been discovered in the latest iOS version, 12.0.1.  Read on to learn more about this latest vulnerability, whether or not a solution has been issued by Apple, and what you can do in the meantime. The New iPhone Vulnerability If you have a current

Computer Tip of the Day – Organization makes for Productivity


There is nothing worse than getting an email from your boss, asking for a file and not being able to find it where you thought you saved it!  Keeping the workspace organized does not just mean the desk, it also means your computer file system! Staying organized and keeping everything in its place saves time, stress, and saves you from having your boss impatiently waiting for you.  Whether you use the

How the IoT Internet of Things is Helping Businesses

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, commonly abbreviated as the IoT, is still an evolving concept. The general idea of different devices connecting to one another to share information and optimize task management and data collection is fairly well understood at this point. But the specifics of how this functionality can be applied to everyday life are changing constantly. In business, however, some reliable IoT functions have already begun to impact companies