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It’s happened yet again. A giant hack of confidential information that may affect you: over 500 million accounts taken from Yahoo that include email addresses, birth dates, security question answers, and passwords. The information just came to light recently, even though the theft of information took place in 2014, most likely by a state-sponsored agent. Email solutions, like changing your Yahoo password, can prevent this.

You may not have an active Yahoo account, but if you blog on Tumblr, store pictures on Flckr, subscribe to Yahoo Groups, or play fantasy sports on Yahoo Sports, you are also affected. So it’s imperative that you change the passwords on your Yahoo and any related accounts. You should also disable your security questions, or hackers can use them to get the password you recently changed.

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Email Solutions: Change Your Yahoo Password

If you’re in the habit of using the same usercode and password in non-Yahoo accounts, you need to change the passwords, and disable or change the security questions for those accounts as well. For example, if your accounts include [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected], you must make changes on all of them. Hackers are clever enough to try your usercode and password across popular sites. And they do so programmatically with dozens or hundreds of sites almost instantly. So they will uncover your password on a non-Yahoo site.

While this type of hack is not something you can easily guard against, there are plenty of security steps you can take to protect yourself online. To find out how, or if you want another computer tip of the day, please contact us.


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