should you hire full time computer support specialists in long island

Should You Hire Full-Time Computer Support Specialists in Long Island?

You’re spending more and more time on the computer side of your Long Island business. That would be great if you ran an IT company but you don’t. If you want to get back to operating your enterprise, you’ll need to hire someone full-time to take of your digital domain.

Just be sure you know the total cost of this new employee before you get started:

Computer support specialists in Suffolk County who work on general issues average $56,000 a year, or $26.92 per hour. Newbies to the profession can make under $31,310 a year, or $15.05 an hour, while those with plenty of experience earn over $83,260 yearly, or $40.03 hourly. Those who specialize in networks make a mean $75,320 annually, or $36.21 hourly, if they focus on networks. Annual salaries range from $44,140 to $123,470, which equals $21.22 to $59.36 an hour.

But salary isn’t the total cost of an employee. According to the MIT Sloan School of Management, you have to allow additional amounts for Social Security, unemployment, Medicare, workman’s compensation, and any benefits you intend to provide. These added expenses bump up the price of an employee by 1.25 to 1.4 times the salary. On average, the user support specialist ends up costing you $70,000 to $78,000 annually while the network specialist runs from $94,150 to $105,448 per year. These extras don’t even include outlay equipment, furniture, recruiting, and training.

The easy way to avoid all these extraneous hits on your budget while getting the support you need is to hire third-party support specialists.

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