information technology salary those starting out will get a pay increase in top it fields

IT salaries will increase in the near futureIf you’ve been wondering what information technology salaries have been lately, it’s been fairly consistent that the higher end fields pay very well. But what about those just starting out in the IT field?

There’s is a notion that those starting in particular IT fields don’t get paid all that well while doing very tiring work. The same thing applies to the higher tech fields when first being hired. Regardless, this may be changing now with reports from AOL Jobs that starting pay for high-tech IT jobs are going to be increasing 5.3%.

What areas of IT are expected to be in the most demand to give reason to pay more? Anyone wanting to get into IT now, should consider these fields considering the demand is well exceeding the available talent.

Developers of Mobile Apps

This seems to be sizing up to be the most in-demand IT field in the world for the coming year. In fact, AOL Jobs above says starting salaries for mobile app developers could start close to a $100,000 a year range. That should be enough incentive to get anyone inspired toward an education in mobile technology.

It’s going to take some considerable experience, though, before being hired. Companies are going to need their mobile applications to be accurate and won’t be hiring upstarts without some proven ability.

If you want to get those starting salaries, you’ll likely have to do some volunteer work first just for the experience.

Big Data

Implementing big data may be the second most in-demand IT career next to mobile technology. Considering big data can work in tandem with mobile applications, everything is going to be connected.

In fact, having crossover knowledge between the two can benefit you even more. However, data scientists are going to be the main focus on implementing the complexities of big data. These scientists are already in very short supply.

Expect anyone with the proper and experienced skill sets in designing big data to get a substantial starting salary.

Experts in Wireless Technology

Anything to do with building wireless networks will also be in high demand with higher starting salaries, says AOL Jobs. This goes hand in hand with mobile development, even though security will be a major concern in developing those network systems.

Knowledge in the latest encryption technologies will have to play a major part in this career. Fortunately, encryption is already starting to improve each year, particularly in quantum key distribution.

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