Gmail Only Gets Better with These Extensions

Google is well-known in the technology industry for providing great tools not only for the average computer user, but professional organizations all around the world. One of the largest is Gmail, Google’s signature email solution. If you pair it with the right extensions, Gmail’s usefulness far exceeds what it can achieve on its own. Today’s blog will help you optimize your efficiency using Google Chrome extensions for Gmail. Some Background

How can a customer relationship management software help me get serious about my sales process?


When a business purchases a system from a customer relationship management (CRM) software developer, it must be prepared to understand what it is buying. It is not a generalized solution such as document management or email exchange software that more or less operates identically no matter which organization uses it. Rather, it is a pointed, bespoke solution that will only help generate revenue if it is tuned to the ways

Cloud Network Migration is the Wave of the Future


Having all of your personal, or business files on your computers hard drive takes up a lot of space. Most people run out of their computers hard drive space eventually. One option is to set up your own network, but that is difficult and time consuming. Migrating your files to a secure cloud based service is the wave of the future. When you take part in cloud network migration, you’re

Why There Should Be No Fear of Completely Cloud-Based Operations

In a Computer Weekly round table featuring IT executives discussing the most important transformations occurring in data centers, UK CIO at City broker ICAP Jack Scard-Morgan, had the following to say about cloud computing: “There are 20 different definitions of what cloud is and we have different comfort zones of what we are happy to put in the cloud, but we are all using some sort of software-as-a-service.” This encapsulates