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Computer Tip of the Day: Backing Up Your Data

Backing Up Your Data

In the workplace, backing up your data and keeping your sensitive data secure is important. Even if you’re under the impression that there’s only a slim chance of losing your files, never take a risk. Whether it’s a natural disaster, or someone in the workplace looking to steal your info, there are numerous scenarios where your data can be lost or compromised. With that said, one of the best ways

Disaster Recovery: Most Common Causes of Data Loss

An important aspect of disaster recovery planning is understanding what causes data loss. At this point, most business owners understand the risks and costs of data loss. On the other hand, not everyone is so sure as to what causes it in the first place. We understand this and included a section in our backup solutions PDF that covers data loss causes. Here’s what we wrote: The most common causes of data

The Location of a Disaster Recovery Service Provider’s Data Centers

While there are several important aspects of disaster recovery and backup solutions, a service provider can really only be as good as its data centers. Other aspects, such as support, availability, and integrity are all essential for a good disaster recovery service provider, but if its data center is insecure, then it ultimately has no backbone. Businesses choose disaster recovery and backup solutions because they understand the risks of data loss