Computer Tip of the Day: How to Keep Your Email Inbox Clean

Email Inbox

It doesn’t take long for an email inbox to become littered with messages that are completely forgotten, not relevant anymore or downright spam or junk mail.  Most individuals receive thousands of emails every month, yet only a handful of messages are still relevant after a few weeks.  Here are a few tips to help you manage your email inbox instead of allowing it to manage you. Turn Off Email Notifications

Protect Your Organization From the Risk of Default Configurations

Default Configurations

Preventing information security incidents requires application of proper best practice cybersecurity configurations. Applying best practice configurations at the network infrastructure, system, service and application levels can even protect your organization and thwart information security threats not yet in existence by substantially decreasing the organization’s cyber security attack surface. Cyber-criminals tend to look for common configuration oversights that render organizations easy prey for cyber attacks. If systems within your organization support

Computer Tip of the Day: Password Complexity is Essential For Your Organization’s Application Security

Password complexity

Passwords are the most common method (along with user accounts) for authenticating a person in order to identify them as someone allowed access to the system and company network. This is especially true within networks where multiple platforms exist (such as Windows, Linux and Apple iOS) because not all systems support more advanced authentication devices. Password complexity offers a very simple method of identification by requiring the user to provide

Computer Tip of the Day: Signs That You May Need Virus Removal

virus removal

Keeping your computer running properly requires a certain amount of maintenance and upkeep as you will want to ensure that all of its software is up to date, and that your computer is running as efficiently as possible. However, another important aspect of computer maintenance is knowing when you are in need of virus removal. Viruses, spyware, and malware can cause severe damage to your computer, and it is then

Computer Tip of the Day – 3 Ways to Record Screen Capture Videos

Record Screen Capture Videos

Being able to capture and record your screen is extremely useful if you want to create a video tutorial and you need to show your viewers specific websites or applications you are using. Here are a few tools that you can use to record screen capture videos. Camtasia Camtasia Studio, by Techsmith, is probably the most used screen recording and video editing software out there. You can record your screen movement,