HIPAA Compliance Is Vital For Your Business

HIPAA compliance

Protecting confidential information is always important. Letting unauthorized parties see personal data is bad for customer relations, and it can lead to lawsuits and loss of business. Some failures are worse than others, though, at least from a legal standpoint. HIPAA compliance is vital. A business that stores individually identifiable medical information may be subject to the requirements of HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, and

4 Benefits of Custom CRM Solutions

A CRM cloud

Custom CRM solutions are geared towards increasing business productivity. With marketing technologies, you can take control over the customer lifecycle and increase your customer loyalty. Here are four benefits of using custom CRM solutions. Increase customer engagement CRM solutions provide sales representatives with more tools to do their job. Rather than relying on their memory and intuition when speaking with clients, they can refer back to their file. The more

CRM Customer Relationship Management Benefits


Business is all about customers, and not only developing but also maintaining a rapport with them. As such, a customer relationship management software developer is vital for any organization. There are major benefits that accrue from an effective CRM among them reduced costs and high customer retention, all which lead to an increase in returns. With CRM software, information technology consultancy is basic. Many firms are struggling to get the

How can a customer relationship management software help me get serious about my sales process?


When a business purchases a system from a customer relationship management (CRM) software developer, it must be prepared to understand what it is buying. It is not a generalized solution such as document management or email exchange software that more or less operates identically no matter which organization uses it. Rather, it is a pointed, bespoke solution that will only help generate revenue if it is tuned to the ways

Evaluating a CRM Customer Relationship Management Software Developer

customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an increasingly critical need for modern organizations. It is widely held that the traditional concept of “sales” is falling by the wayside as conventional channels of information merge into digital channels and the lines between consumer and vendor blur. Maintaining growth through sales is seen as an anachronism – the art of selling is slowly shifting into the art of service. This, of course, can