Take Charge of Security With Two-Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication

As attacks by hackers become all too common, it is increasingly important to ensure that accounts and passwords are protected. Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an extra level of protection to accounts and is an important security option that all companies should consider. If you have questions or would like to learn more, AE Technology Group would be happy to help. What is Two-Factor Authentication? Two-factor authentication provides a method for

What Is The Best Way To Protect Your Business From Hackers

Protect Your Business

According to Small Business Trends online 43 percent of all small businesses across the United States face a cyber attack. In fact, over half of those businesses that suffer a cyber attack eventually fail. These known statistics make it necessary to protect your business from hackers. A hacker gains unauthorized use to your business data through your computer. The question is, what can you do to protect your business against a cyber

Cyber Safety Facts in Schools and the Work Place: The Similar Patterns of Kids and Adults

Cyber safety facts for kids and adults aren’t necessarily all that far apart from one another when you consider adults do the same things kids do online. They both go on social media, and sometimes talk with strangers they may not know in those same places. They also deal with placing personal information online that could easily be compromised if not careful. Just how much more similar are kids to

What is Cyber Safety? The Act of Protecting Information and Personal Reputation

Asking the question of “what is cyber safety?” might bring a lot of different answers in a time when dealing with the Internet has many layers of complexity. But cyber safety still can be whittled down to a basic idea of protecting personal information and personal reputation. While the latter might sound more like reputation management, the intention of cyber safety is to find ways to prevent problems before they