Zarafa Email as an Outlook Alternative : Familiar Features at Half the Price


If you need a hosted email solution, perhaps you’re afraid of one that doesn’t use the overly familiar Outlook. But what if one existed that had all the same features of Outlook for half the price? Zarafa email is that alternative to Outlook you should consider for more than just saving money. It’s our email hosting solution here at AE Technology Group and something you should consider seriously if you

Hosted Email Solutions Through Open Source Solutions

Zarafa Email

It used to be where companies, especially enterprise-level ones, would mainly use proprietary email software such as Microsoft Exchange Server. Such software was useful for email, yet because it was proprietary, it had limited ability in being customizable, easy to use, and affordable. Yet in recent years, an increasing variety of email software has sprung up whereby proprietary software no longer has a grip on much of the market for

Zarafa Hosted EMail Solution: All the Benefits of MS Exchange at Half the Cost


Cloud computing has changed the way businesses set up and run their IT services and e-mail solutions are no exception. Running a traditional MS Exchange server in-house means an investment in hardware and software which can approach $10,000, plus the annual cost of an in-house engineer to maintain, update, patch and back up the servers. A second option is the hosted email solution which requires no up-front investments yet provides

Getting Ahead with a Hosted Email Solution


Email hosting is one of the most valuable and important resource these days, which operates email servers. There is an increase in the demand for email services because of the large number of people sending as well as receiving emails daily. Getting a hosted email solution is seen to be an important and attractive option to many companies. This is because it is one of the ways of getting new