Let Our Business IT Support on Long Island Help You Prevent Downtime

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Business IT support is something every business needs, but many business people don’t know where to turn. Arguments still ensue about whether hiring an in-house IT team is better over hiring a consultant. Here at AE Technology Group, we prove every day that hiring a consultant for your IT support is the best way, for a variety of reasons. First, they have more extensive knowledge thanks to valuable time working

Managed Services for a Better Business

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If the ever-changing world of IT has your head in a tailspin, you’re not alone. If the thought of running an IT department within your own business gives you nightmares, it may be time to consider an MSP. An MSP, or managed service provider, is perfect for small, or medium-sized businesses that don’t have the capital to invest, or simply don’t want to spend the amount of money it would

5 Ways MSP IT Support and Network Support Can Help Your Business on Long Island, NYC, and New York

Have you been trying to manage your business IT yourself? With today’s rapidly changing technology and IT support needs it’s increasingly difficult and time consuming. Today, more and more businesses are hiring managed service providers rather than having a full IT department of their own to manage their technology needs. If you don’t want the hassle or expense of dealing with technology issues in house, consider hiring an MSP. Since

How do I choose the right MSP Managed Service Provider?


You know that choosing the wrong managed service provider can result in a company not only not growing at its projected pace, but can actually take a firm backwards. So, extensive research into the types of support and management available is essential, as is some way to make sure the decision results in obtaining everything necessary, but not a bit or a byte more. While your needs are unique in

IT Consulting A Service Needed Now More Than Ever

Information Technology consulting for businesses is more important these days than it has ever been before due to the current proliferation of new technologies that are allowing businesses of all sizes to maximize efficiency and cut costs. In fact we are almost blurring the line between traditional business and “tech” business as IT resources become more and more necessary for the operations of almost every company small or large. Today’s