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Three New Things Microsoft SharePoint Has to Offer

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SharePoint is still the most used platform for intranets, portals, and digital collaboration. There are challenges and limited updates, but that hasn’t done much to alter the success rate of SharePoint. Microsoft has made some changes to the collaborative platform, but knowing what they are won’t explain how it will help business. Here are three things that should be known:

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Achieve more with a fully integrated communication solution We believe that the heart of productivity is great teamwork, and the heart of great teams is great communication. Productivity today is centered on conversations – sometimes a quick instant message or call, and sometimes a meeting planned in advance including voice, video and content sharing. Office 365 is a world-class productivity

What You Need to Know About the Newly Upgraded Office 365 E5 Plan

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If your business has its finger on the pulse of software productivity, you might have heard by now that Microsoft has made a few changes in their top-tier enterprise plan. The new Office 365 E5 plan takes the place of the old E4 plan, with many of the same features, as well as several that are new. For anyone looking to find

Comparing the Office 365 Enterprise Plans: E3 vs E4

office 365 enterprise e3 vs e4

Microsoft Office 365 provides a powerful option for any business that wants to move forward with an all-inclusive office software platform. The enterprise plans are a step above those offered at the small business level, providing business analytics, data and information security, more internal networking options, and greater possibilities for a diverse workforce. The Office 365 enterprise plans as a

Office 365 Business Plans

Take a look at the Office 365 Business plans. These plans are built to suit your small business, and all have a limit of up to 300 users.

Microsoft has become the go-to company for reliable, powerful office software. The Office Suite has always included all of the tools that a business needs to work at the forefront of the business marketplace. Ever since Microsoft launched Office 365 the purchasing, installation, and use of your office programs has never been easier.  The Office 365 option for the Microsoft

5 Tips to Take Advantage of VoIP for Office 365

In life, you want every advantage you can get. We can’t help with everything, but we do have five tips to help you take advantage of a voip phone system for office 365. Simplify your startup: One of the main reasons that employers dread switching to a new technology is the long learning curve that is inevitably associated with this. Staff

Three Things About VoIP Phone Systems for Office 365 You Should Really Know

If you’re considering a voip phone system for office 365, then you’ll want to make sure you know these three things: Integration with Microsoft Lync: VoIP is about to make a huge stride in terms of popularity because of its support by Microsoft Lync. The software makes it convenient and easy for businesses to integrate VoIP. The most important aspect of

Office 365 Features

Office 365

It’s no surprise that Microsoft is setting it’s sight on the cloud. Office 365 is a perfect example as it provides an online SharePoint platform, for example. According to the October 2013 research from Forrester,  158 IT decision- makers said that 28% are planning on implementing the software sometime in the next twelve months. Office 365 features: Site Mailboxes Let’s say you’re project involves

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