Tip of the Week: Scan Picture or Document to PDF in Android

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Many people don’t realize that their mobile device can double up and offer them many of the same great features that a PC or laptop could. A hidden secret that very few people take advantage of is the fact that Google Drive offers you the chance to scan a document or picture and create a PDF of it on your Android device. Today we’re going to show you how to make the most of this great feature so that you can preserve all of your most important documents and memories in the future.

How to Scan Documents with Google Drive to Create a PDF

Thanks to this feature from Google Drive, you no longer need to have a scanner in your office or home to create PDFs of your pictures or documents. Instead, you just need a good camera and a Google Drive account.

The first step is to head to Google Drive on your mobile phone. You’ll then hit the plus sign button, which is what you would do if you want to add a new file to your Google Drive. Then, select Scan from the list of options you are presented with.

At this point, you’ll be offered the option to open your Camera app, which you may need to grant Google Drive the access to do. You’ll then set up your camera to frame the document or picture, before tapping OK to say that it’s in place and ready to go.

One of the amazing things about this feature is that Google Drive will automatically adjust your picture, but you can also make manual edits as needed. Then, click Add Page if you need to add another page and Save to complete the process. You’ll just need to give the file a name and choose the folder you want to add it to, and you’ll be good to go. As you can see, it’s a very quick and easy process and saves you from always needing to have a bulky scanner on hand when traveling for work. 

What would you like to learn in our future weekly tips? We hope this week’s tip helps you to make the most of your Android device and Google Drive account so that you can preserve your pictures and documents for years to come.

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