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We Ask: What’s Your Businesses Weakest Security Link?

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Cyber attacks are most often blamed on malicious outside sources. Hackers will attempt to break into computer networks and steal confidential corporate data. However, the lack of security knowledge or unintentional carelessness of a company’s employees sometimes leaves the door ajar and enables these cyber criminals to squeeze through the opening. As well as obtaining some tech support for your

Computer Tips: Five Ways to Make Your Passwords Hack-Resistant

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Computer tips are a great way to simplify your online experience. Check out these tips on password security: Creating a secure password is a must in today’s world of online banking and information storage, especially for business-related activity. While it may seem easier to come up with one password and use it for everything, it’s not advisable. Just as in the physical world,

How to Create a Password to Protect Your Computer

how to protect your computer

A password is a word or string of characters you use for user authentication. You must know it in order to prove your identity or gain approval to access an account. A hacker is a person who illegally gets access to a computer system and tampers with the information. Tips on how to protect your computer from hackers are below. Do

Make Your Computer More Secure: 5 Steps to a Stronger Password

how to make your computer more secure

In this day and age, it isn’t a stretch to say that the majority of your important information is stored online. A laptop computer alone often holds bank account information, a lifetime of photos, business information, credit card numbers, and countless other important tidbits. So how can you protect yourself from hackers gaining access to all of this? Make your

Why Security is at the Heart of Managed IT Services on Long Island

It’s difficult to choose the most important component of managed IT services on Long Island. And that’s the whole point, really. Businesses outsource their tech support for a variety of reasons, and some value certain services more than others. But we can at least say that there’s one factor of managed IT services that you can’t exclude. Without it, business owners wouldn’t even

How To Stay Safe On The Internet: 3 Things You Need To Do Now

With how many of our daily activities are making their way online, it is more important than ever to know how to stay safe on the internet and protect your personal information. Every time you log in to your online banking, make a purchase from an online merchant, or even send an email with personal information, you are putting yourself at

Cisco Global Study: Cloud network migration / mobile security key concerns among IT decision-makers

The process of ordering new IT services is evolving away from those common methods used in the past, where IT decisions and purchase orders started at the top of the company pyramid. Today, the shift in planning and control of IT purchases is being driven by departmental needs. Does HR see a more efficient and secure way, ala Office 365/SharePoint,

What You Need to Know About Hybrid Cloud Security and Other Risks

hybrid cloud computing solutions

According to a report published by Gartner, the cloud is about to transition into a prolonged phase towards mainstream adoption. Its “hype” bubble, which affects all burgeoning technologies before they are fully embraced, burst somewhere in the midpoint of 2012. 2013 is considered a critical year for hybrid clouds and they are are an important consideration for businesses because they

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