6 Signs Your Business Has the Right Remote IT Support Services

signs you have good remote support

Remote support is a lifeline to businesses that need immediate help for their in-house IT or workers trying to salvage a workday. Having an effective remote support company as part of a business’ safety net can be the difference between hours of downtime and lost business and getting back on track in a few short minutes. Understanding whether you have good remote IT support services or need an upgrade is a simple matter of ensuring the organization embodies these six positive signs.

Automation Takes Care of Simple Requests

One sign of a great remote support company is that many of the simple solutions are available as part of a self-service platform. For example, some remote support businesses will allow a client to log in to their account and access a list of common solutions to various problems. If the network is not acting properly and needs to be reset, it can be done automatically and remotely without requiring intervention from remote support agents or technicians.

The Support Center Has Easy Solutions for Customers

How hard is it for your business to get the solutions they need from the remote support company? Do you need to go through menu after menu to get to the tools that you already need? That should not be the case. A good remote support company knows what its customers need and make it simple for them to get to it. For example, live customer support should be available upon request at every point during the support interaction instead of being locked behind page after page of customer responses.

Remote Support is Fully Integrated on the Business’ Site

A business should not have to request remote support for an issue. The ability to access direct remote support should be integrated into the customer’s journey. That way, when they are putting in a support ticket, clients can see that they have a direct line to help when they are suffering from a serious problem.

The Business Solves Issues and Prevents the Next Ones

Remote support businesses understand that problems tend to cascade into others. If a company with HIPAA implications has a risk assessment performed and it comes back and shows serious deficiencies, then the next problem will be how to secure their workplace. That issue requires personnel training, new security measures, and more. Your remote support should anticipate your future needs after they identify your immediate problem and offer solutions.

The Remote Support Teams Actively Work Together

A good remote support company will have seamless interactions between their technicians in the field and agents in the remote office settings. That means the total amount of time to solve a problem should be very low if you have remote support and a technician on the same task. Furthermore, the technician should come to the job site with a good idea about how to quickly fix the problem because they have been informed by the remote support agents.

Most Issues Are Resolved Remotely

Every call to your support center should not result in a technician coming to your workplace and adding billable hours. A remote support company is most useful because it solves problems without stepping foot in a business. Remote support techs visiting your site should not be a common occurrence when most solutions can be delivered over the internet. Of course, there are some cases where work must happen in-person.

If your business is lacking these six signs, then it may be time for a switch to a provider like AE Technology Group. As a Managed Services Provider with over two decades of experience helping customers, and a member of the WheelHouse IT family, AE Technology Group has what it takes to swiftly help clients get the support they need. Their offices in Fort Lauderdale, Long Island, and Los Angeles allow them to deliver on-site and remote support to small and medium-sized businesses in the busiest corporate hubs in the U.S.

4 Services Included with Outsourced Computer Support for Businesses

4 services included with outsourced computer support for businesses

outsourced computer support for businessesTechnology can make or break a business. Everything is great when you increase your productivity, but one major hardware failure can lose your company thousands of dollars.

With computer support, you can enjoy the advantages of technology and minimize the risks. Here are four things outsourced computer support for businesses can offer you:

On-demand support

The real problem with technology is that you never know when it’s going to fail. It seems like problems only occur when you least expect it.

With on-demand support, this isn’t a big deal. If your computer won’t start or your network is down, you just have to contact support. They’ll take care of the rest.


Outsourced computer support is beneficial because you don’t have to pay for a full-time IT staff. When you outsource your support, you only pay for the services you need. It’s an ideal solution for small businesses that use technology but can’t afford an IT team in their budget.

Virus protection and network security

Protecting your computers from viruses and your network from hackers is an important part of outsourced computer support. If you don’t do anything to secure your technology, then you’ll be an easy target for hackers. The best way to stop these things is to prevent them from ever happening.

Back up and save your data

Your business relies more on data than you might think. If you were to lose that data because of a hard drive failure, it would be catastrophic to your business operations. With outsourced computer support, you can back up your data so it’s safe in the case of a disaster.

Any company that uses technology needs some kind of support. Businesses with tight budgets should consider outsourcing their computer support to save money and protect their investments in technology.

To talk more about outsourced computer support for businesses, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

When Will Windows XP Support End? And What Do I Do Now?

when will windows xp support end and what do i do now

Since Microsoft released Windows Vista / 7 and Windows 8 operating systems, help for issues with XP have already begun to dwindle. Updates are not as frequent and drivers users need to run new programs are not being developed or released by Microsoft.

Microsoft is trying to keep up with Mac and Linux systems and now they are visibly beginning to cut the fat. This means in the very near future there will be no more support for Windows XP from Microsoft. On April 8th, 2014, support for Windows XP will officially end. So what do I do?

Many users have become accustomed to XP, and this elimination of support means getting used to a new system, purchasing new equipment, and the integration of new software. This may at first present itself as a daunting task, but users will find upgrading now will save countless man hours and cash in the long run.

Here are some tips for making the transition to Windows Vista / 7 or 8 OS as easy as possible:

  • Take into Consideration IE 10: When making the switch to Windows 8, your device will also upgrade to Internet Explorer 10. IE 10 has proved troublesome for those trying to access certain sites. Some websites are still in the process of upgrading in order to work with IE 10, but should be fully optimized soon.
  • Purchasing Product: Windows 7 is no longer available at your local computer store. You can still purchase Windows 7 from online or consult with your IT service provider.
  • Research Your System Requirements: Some organizations may need to upgrade equipment to work with the newer Windows OS. It is important to consult with your IT provider to find out which systems will work seamlessly with your new OS and which may need upgrading.
  • Check for Optimum Output: If you have made the switch to Windows 8 and all your systems and websites are working without issue, it may be worth it to upgrade to the latest version of Windows.

If your company is considering making the switch, contact our experts here at AE Technology Group. They can help your organization make the migration from XP to 7 or 8 flawlessly so your company doesn’t miss a beat. Call today (877) 771-AETG.

Business Tech and Network Support in New York

business tech and network support in new york

GearsWe fully understand how a small or medium sized business can find it difficult to deploy, maintain and protect their technology. We are your best bet when it comes to business computer network support in Long Island, New York. Why, because here at AE Technology Group our number one goal is to provide your business with reliable computer network support services.

Whatever the size of your budget we have IT support solutions that cover you in a cost effective manner. We offer our services around the clock. What do we mean by around the clock? We mean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This ensures that your network is constantly monitored and maintained; affording you the benefits of worry free business computer network support in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond. Our network of remote technicians, based strictly out of New York and Florida, can give support to any location. We strive to fully take care of our clients and make sure that all of their technical needs are fulfilled. We consider your scope of business and personalize technical support based on your needs.

As computers and networks continue to grow in complexity, you may experience more technical problems then you would like. Our United States based network support will give you peace of mind knowing we are just a phone call away at any time. Why wait any longer? Pick up the phone today and give us a call to learn more.