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Computer Tip of the Day: Power Management

power management

Computers run more reliably when they don’t encounter power outages and brownouts. A machine that suddenly loses power not only leaves documents unsaved but can suffer damage to both the hardware and the file structure. To keep this from happening, computers should run from an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). It’s an economical way to make them last longer and avoid data loss. The benefits of a UPS A UPS contains

Password Protection – Computer Tip of the Day

Password Protection

One of the most important things to make sure you do when browsing the web or even just using your computer in general, is to make sure your passwords are as secure as possible in order to keep your data safe from hackers and keep your accounts secure from various kinds of attacks on your accounts and personal information. What many people don’t seem to realize is that there are a number

Computer Health – Computer Tip of the Day

Computer Health

It’s possible to keep a computer in optimal condition without much technical knowledge. To achieve this, keep the following points in mind: Install sufficient hardware Manage programs that run at boot-time Keep the internal storage defragmented Antivirus does not speed up your computer! Whatever task a computer is used for, there would ideally be hardware installed that is fast enough to perform those tasks. For example, it’s not advised to run

Get Away From the Computer Screen – Computer Tip of the Day

computer tip

Spending too much time on a computer becomes counterproductive. Instead of getting more work done, you’re more likely to burn out physically and mentally. Knowing how and why you should take breaks is especially important for office workers who rely on computers daily. Businesses should remind and encourage their employees to take frequent breaks. Give your eyes a break Looking at a screen for too long is bad for your

Computer Tips: Five Ways to Make Your Passwords Hack-Resistant

computer tips

Computer tips are a great way to simplify your online experience. Check out these tips on password security: Creating a secure password is a must in today’s world of online banking and information storage, especially for business-related activity. While it may seem easier to come up with one password and use it for everything, it’s not advisable. Just as in the physical world, there are virtual thieves happy to misappropriate information if you leave yourself and your

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