6 Benefits of Zarafa Email

6 benefits of zarafa email

The Zarafa program offers traditional groupware features and allows you to control almost every aspect of your inbox. The Zarafa email is an open source and collaboration service that is extremely reliable.

More details about the Zarafa Email software:

Open Source: The collaboration platform is licensed under Affero GPLv3. Zarafa uses standard Linux packages that are interchangeable with other packages which can do the same tasks.

User-Friendly: It is easy to use because the features; the address book, public folders and calendar are similar to Outlook and the layout is familiar. You can get connectivity with Outlook through a plugin.

Device Support: You can have a Web 2.0 Outlook feel through web access on any of your mobile devices and on all your ActiveSync compatible mobile devices.

Contacts: The technology enables you to create, use, and manage your contacts from one place as well as share contacts across your organization. Another great feature is the global address book.

Team Mailbox: You can connect email addresses to a team mailbox. The team members can monitor incoming messages. Each mailbox appears in a folder navigation pane and stays open until closed.

Add-Ons: The features you can add-on are Spreed, Dropbox, IM and ownCloud Support.

AE Technology Group understands your business and can provide computer network managed services. Zarafa Outlook Sharing & Webaccess gives you the advantages of Microsoft Exchange at only half the cost. It combines usability of Microsoft Outlook with the flexibility and stability of a Linux server. Zafra involves a fast setup process and easy migration.

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The 5 Most Important Benefits of Zarafa Email

what are the financial benefits of a hosted email solution

zarafa emailYour business relies on email more than you might think. Email is great for internal and external communication, but it can also be a black hole in terms of time management. Zarafa email is a great platform for businesses that want to keep things simple and manage their inboxes efficiently. Here are five benefits of using Zarafa:


Functionality is the most important thing when it comes to email clients. Zarafa is lightweight and fast so your employees won’t have to spend 5 minutes just to open a new email.

Easy transition

Migrating to cloud solutions can be tricky at times, but Zarafa makes the transition easy. Moreover, the interface is so similar to Microsoft Outlook that there’s no real learning curve. Your employees will learn how to use it intuitively.


Scalability is an important factor of anything IT-related. Even if your business doesn’t need something today, that doesn’t mean that you won’t in a few months. Zarafa is scalable, so it will be able to handle increases in usage and data.

Add-on features

There’s plenty of room for customization with Zarafa. There’s a long list for add-ons that you can use to manage your inbox better. You can add these or remove them whenever you’d like.


And finally, one of the most important benefits of Zarafa is one of the simplest: stability. Your business can’t rely on an email platform that crashes regularly. More than anything else, you need a stable client that works the same day in and day out.

Switching to a new email client is a big decision. If you’re looking for an email client that’s fast, reliable, and easy to migrate to, then you should consider using Zarafa.

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Zarafa Email as an Outlook Alternative : Familiar Features at Half the Price

why microsoft exchange no longer has a lock on business email

If you need a hosted email solution, perhaps you’re afraid of one that doesn’t use the overly familiar Outlook. But what if one existed that had all the same features of Outlook for half the price? Zarafa email is that alternative to Outlook you should consider for more than just saving money. It’s our email hosting solution here at AE Technology Group and something you should consider seriously if you fear losing control of your emails. When you’re on your own server, the risk goes up tremendously in losing emails or not having proper security against viruses and phishing scams.exchange-zarafa-email

We decided to use Zarafa as our main email hosting solution for a variety of reasons. The cost savings are tremendous, though it also has a state-of-the-art infrastructure. You’re going to have a lot more flexibility and stability here than you get with Outlook, which is essential when you need to prevent downtime at all costs.

It’s the scalability you’ll also appreciate for the times when your business inevitably grows beyond your expectations. In fact, it’s everything you expect from Outlook, right on down to being tangentially related to one another.

How Similar is Zarafa to Outlook?

Without violating any trademarks, Zarafa has all of the same features Outlook has. This includes basic things that can’t be trademarked like using an address book and placing events in a daily calendar for easy reference. You also have public folders that many email users appreciate using on Outlook. Through a special plug-in, Zarafa can even hook up with Outlook if necessary.

Even better, you can maintain that look and feel when using it on mobile devices. We know more and more companies are wanting to manage their emails through mobile, and we can easily accommodate you with easy accessibility.

It’s the lack of a learning curve you’ll appreciate more than anything. Companies used to using Outlook remember how steep the learning curve was when first using it in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange. Zarafa’s similarity to Outlook will help save you time right away in your staff learning something new. At the same time, you’ll have more security than even Outlook has thanks to a Linux server saving all your emails to a secure database for easy retrieval.

Contact us here at AE Technology Group to find out more about our email hosting solution and about Zarafa. It’s a name that might not sound familiar now, though you’ll be speaking it a lot more as word spreads it bests Microsoft.// <![CDATA[
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Hosted Email Solutions Through Open Source Solutions

hosted email solutions through open source solutions

It used to be where companies, especially enterprise-level ones, would mainly use proprietary email software such as Microsoft Exchange Server.
Open Source
Such software was useful for email, yet because it was proprietary, it had limited ability in being customizable, easy to use, and affordable.

Yet in recent years, an increasing variety of email software has sprung up whereby proprietary software no longer has a grip on much of the market for email software.  Enter open source email software.

Open source email, unlike its proprietary counterpart, has increased capacity for customizing its features, operating from a user-friendly interface, and being more affordable through free or low-priced software licensing via its distributors.

All in all, open source email offers a company the opportunity to enhance its communications productivity, while doing so at a lower cost.

ZarafaOne example of open source email is Zarafa.  Zarafa stands out from proprietary and other open source email platforms in that it is the only known platform that combines open, compatible, and enterprise collaboration.

Zarafa offers quite a bit of customization based on integration with Linux operating systems (which also enhances its stability and security), a user-friendly interface akin to Microsoft Outlook, and a lower price than Microsoft Exchange Server.  And like many email platforms geared towards business, it comes with collaboration features such as a multiuser calendar and task lists.

Zarafa can provide a Web feel via web access from any mobile device and on all ActiveSync compatible mobile devices and Blackberry.  Zarafa may be offered as a a hosted email solution, instead of in-house on one’s own computer servers.

Zarafa is offered through AE Technology Group, which is a Zarafa Certified Partner.  A business can try Zarafa before buying it, as Zarafa comes in a free 25-user trial.

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Getting Ahead with a Hosted Email Solution

getting ahead with a hosted email solution

Email hosting is one of the most valuable and important resource these days, which operates email servers. There is an increase in the demand for email services because of the large number of people sending as well as receiving emails daily. Getting a hosted email solution is seen to be an important and attractive option to many companies. This is because it is one of the ways of getting new customers.

Email hosting means that the hosting company performs all the email functions for its clients. Such functions include basic functions such as sending and receiving email messages as well as complex functions such as global searching and database processing. Once a company agrees to provide a hosted email solution to its clients, it must also agree to maintain the privacy as well as the security of the client’s email accounts. The servers on which the email accounts of the clients are stored need to be reliable.

According to PCWorld, hosted email solutions provide you with extra features for your email, which are going to give your business a great boost. Such features can include IMAP support, which ensures that you can download offline email client. In addition, you have the chance of getting additional cloud storage for your email messages and get support for you custom email addresses. With email hosting services, you have access to collaboration tools that will integrate with email.

Email hosting offers premium email, which is usually at a cost compared to the free webmail or email that is advertisement supported. These services are offered at low costs. Small and medium sized companies require hosted email solutions to help them get ahead in their business. It is possible for a business to get email hosting solutions that are specific to their needs to make sure that the solutions work effectively.

Small businesses are advised to give their businesses a chance to grow before paying for any hosted email solution. This ensures that they get to pay for the email hosting services once they have several employees and are in need of the different types of features such as collaboration tools and shared calendars, which come with email hosting. This is because transition from one email hosting solution to another can be hard once your business experiences rapid growth. Contact us for more information on email hosting and to get the email hosting solutions that will suit your business best.