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6 Benefits of Zarafa Email

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The Zarafa program offers traditional groupware features and allows you to control almost every aspect of your inbox. The Zarafa email is an open source and collaboration service that is extremely reliable. More details about the Zarafa Email software: Open Source: The collaboration platform is licensed under Affero GPLv3. Zarafa uses standard Linux packages that are interchangeable with other packages

The 5 Most Important Benefits of Zarafa Email

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Your business relies on email more than you might think. Email is great for internal and external communication, but it can also be a black hole in terms of time management. Zarafa email is a great platform for businesses that want to keep things simple and manage their inboxes efficiently. Here are five benefits of using Zarafa: Speed Functionality is

Zarafa Email as an Outlook Alternative : Familiar Features at Half the Price


If you need a hosted email solution, perhaps you’re afraid of one that doesn’t use the overly familiar Outlook. But what if one existed that had all the same features of Outlook for half the price? Zarafa email is that alternative to Outlook you should consider for more than just saving money. It’s our email hosting solution here at AE

Hosted Email Solutions Through Open Source Solutions

Zarafa Email

It used to be where companies, especially enterprise-level ones, would mainly use proprietary email software such as Microsoft Exchange Server. Such software was useful for email, yet because it was proprietary, it had limited ability in being customizable, easy to use, and affordable. Yet in recent years, an increasing variety of email software has sprung up whereby proprietary software no

Getting Ahead with a Hosted Email Solution


Email hosting is one of the most valuable and important resource these days, which operates email servers. There is an increase in the demand for email services because of the large number of people sending as well as receiving emails daily. Getting a hosted email solution is seen to be an important and attractive option to many companies. This is

What Does the End of the Ballmer Era Mean for Microsoft Exchange?


Love him, hate him, or fear him, there is no denying that Microsoft co-founder and CEO Steve Ballmer is one of the industry’s true larger-than-life personalities. Reactions to the news that Ballmer is to retire within the next year have varied greatly, from “worst CEO ever” to reflections on his “classy exit.” The one certainty of the situation, however, is

A hosted email solution with five star reliability and collaboration for less money


If we polled business owners as to what they thought the three most critical factors determining their success was there’s a good chance that the top three would be: reliability, collaboration, and low cost. Achieving those three critical elements in a hosted email solution for your business should be considered a tremendous win for your company. The truth is that

Why Microsoft Exchange No Longer Has a Lock on Business Email


One interesting thing about Microsoft’s recent communications regarding its public beta of Office 2013 is that the emphasis has been entirely on the client-side and cloud-based aspects. To learn anything more about the new Microsoft Exchange server requires more digging. This is a sign of how Microsoft is shifting focus, and though it is keeping and adapting most of its

Zarafa: The Premier Open Source Email & Collaboration Software

Email and collaboration are cornerstones of today’s business. Zarafa gives you the most reliable email and collaboration software on the market with more speed and greater stability than that of big name software! Zarafa has some pivotal advantages that make it the superior choice over its competitors: No learning curve With a similar appearance and feel to Outlook, switching over

Exploring Alternatives to Microsoft Exchange

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Microsoft Exchange is the workplace email server to which most of us are accustomed. Market research firms have projected its install base to reach 470 million instances by 2014. When coupled with Outlook it forms the core of the average working professional’s email experience, but it is by no means the first email system that ever gained traction nor is

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