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LinkedIn is a fantastic social platform for workers around the world, but as with any type of social media, you need to be aware of your data privacy when using this site. Today’s tip of the week will help you discover how to improve your privacy when using LinkedIn in the future. When you adjust the settings on your profile, you can reduce the chance of a breach of privacy or people seeing your profile who you would rather keep away from.

Change Your Privacy Settings on LinkedIn

Once you navigate to the LinkedIn website, you’ll find that there’s a profile icon in the top bar of this social media site. It’s located in the right corner of your screen, where you’ll find the option for Settings & Privacy. The left column has an option for Visibility, which you can then select Profile Viewing Options from.

Private Mode offers you more data privacy settings to choose from, allowing you to select your level of privacy based on your personal needs. Someone At [Insert Workplace Here] tells people where you work but not about you, whereas the other is a private and anonymous option. We encourage you to choose the one that fits best with your online presence, which is something only you can decide upon.

Regardless of what you do about your data privacy settings after reading this tip of the week, people will still find out that someone has looked at their profile. You can choose how they will see you when they find this out, such as deleting your company name. When you choose to appear private to other users on LinkedIn, they will also appear private to you. This can impact how useful this social media site is, which is especially important if you work in HR or recruiting.

Data privacy on social media is a very challenging area, and there are still constant improvements to be made by social media companies. We all know how easy it is to share too much online, but you also want to use LinkedIn in a way that could help you secure future jobs. We encourage everyone to be cautious when using any social media site, and think twice before sharing personal information online which could risk your job security.

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