Computer Tip of the Day – Using Yahoo Mail for Business

Yahoo Mail for Business
Yahoo Mail for Business

Do you use Yahoo Mail to stay in touch with your friends, acquaintances, or business contacts? Yahoo Mail, although not as popular as Gmail, is still a great method of communication. Here are some useful tips and tricks for using Yahoo Mail.

Delete All Mail At Once

If you want to organize your inbox after not doing so for a while, you may have hundreds of emails to delete. Unfortunately, with Yahoo Mail, you can only select 50 emails at a time. This can be frustrating, but there is a workaround. Just click on the “search” button at the search tab at the top of the page without typing in any search term into the bar. You can choose to search through all of your emails or through emails in a specific inbox. As long as you leave the search bar blank when you click “search,” all emails will appear, not just 50.

Forward Your Mail

What if people send emails to your Yahoo address but you’d rather read them in another email account? Simple: Just forward your mail to that account. Go to Yahoo Mail’s Settings menu and click on Options. Click on your email address and then click on Forward. You can then type in the email address you’d like your Yahoo Mail to be forwarded to (a verification link will be sent to that address).

Create a Mailing List

If you have a number of contacts you want to add to a specific list so that you can send emails to all of them at once, just go to Contacts and click on the Assign to Lists option. Of course, you have to create the list first, which you can do in the Contacts menu. This is useful when you want to send something to several employees at once. 

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Computer Tip Of The Day: Optimizing The Performance

Optimizing The Performance
Optimizing The Performance

Your company’s computer technology is one of your best assets, right? This means that you want to do everything you can to protect those assets. Well, today is the perfect opportunity to ensure that you are caring for your company’s computers. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can optimize your company’s computer technology performance.

Eliminate Unused Software and Applications

How much money do you think your company spends on applications and other resources that no one uses? You would probably be surprised at how much software and applications your systems have accumulated over the years. These applications can cause major complications to the maintenance and management of your devices. If you want to avoid a decline in your assets and if you want to avoid device complications, we suggest that you take the time to uninstall all the programs you do not need to operate your business.

Check for Updates

While you are scrolling through your list of unneeded applications, we are sure you will likely discover that some of your applications and programs have not been updated. If you discover that you have not updated some of the applications your business does use, you should install those updates as soon as possible. If you run into compatibility issues with your software, we suggest that you have an audit performed on your network. 

Back Up Your Data

We hope that the day you spend optimizing the performance of your computers will not be the first time you think about backing up your data. If you decide to copy your data to one of your external hard drives or if you make the decision to save your data in the cloud, make sure you have chosen the best option for your business.

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Computer Security Tip: Password Strength

Password Strength

With how vital it is to maintain a strong password for any account that you don’t want to have hacked, you would think that more people would show interest in ensuring that their passwords are both strong and as unpredictable as they can be. This is not even remotely the case, as a simple google search for “most common passwords” will tell you.

The very first item to come up is a list of the most common passwords used by anyone. This list includes everything from 123456 and password to google and not a single item on this list is unpredictable or hard to guess.

Anyone who actually uses one of the items on this list may as well hold up a sign saying “My passwords for every service I use are terrible and extremely predictable. Please hack my services and use them in my name. I have no care to ensure my passwords are safe or secure in any way, shape or form.” because that is effectively what they are doing.

Anyone who cares to make sure that their data is not exposed to hackers should avoid such simple passwords like the plague. In addition to that, it is important that passwords not be reused. The more times that a single password is in use, the more likely it is that password will be cracked and multi-service passwords are the worst kind since if a single password gets broken, it can lead to several accounts being breached.

To that end, the best way to avoid overly simplistic passwords leading to you being hacked is primarily through the use of a password manager. Most of these managers can also generate custom passwords that use a wide variety of numbers, letters, and symbols that are very difficult for hackers to crack.

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Computer Tip of the Day: Don’t Ignore Updates

Computer Tip of the Day: Don't Ignore Updates

For many people, continually updating their computers can get annoying. They seem to need an update so frequently, and the notifications keep getting in the way of what they’re trying to accomplish, primarily when it gets to the critical condition of finally forcing a restart to install those updates. Super frustrating, right?

But what if you were told those updates to your computer are incredibly significant and should frequently be checked? It’d probably make you roll your eyes, but it’s true. Keeping up-to-date on your computer’s installs are essential and will improve your computer in many ways.

It’ll run quicker.

Many times lagging from your computer comes from ignoring updates. Once they’ve piled up enough, your computer will begin punishing you for not taking better care of it. Our computers are supposed to help us in our day-to-day life so ensuring they’re working correctly is essential.

It’ll start faster.

Don’t you hate when you need to use your computer for something, but it won’t start because it’s installing updates? Checking your updates more frequently can prevent this from happening. When you’re doing using your computer for the day, quickly check to see if there are any updates. Testing for this could even be a weekly event. If there are updates pending, let them run while leaving your laptop alone to charge.

No more freezing screens.

Lagging is terrible, but having a screen freeze is worse. Piled updates pending to go can severely decrease the speed of your computer, sometimes making a screen freeze entirely. We know force-restarting devices are never a good thing, so why continuously do it to your computer?

You might even enjoy the update.

It seems impossible to believe considering how much we all hate change, but sometimes updates can improve issues on your computer. That’s what the updates are for, right? To enhance the user’s experience online.

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Computer Tip of The Day: How to Deal With a Slow WiFi Connection

Computer Tip of The Day: How to Deal With a Slow WiFi Connection

Slow WiFi Connection

Whether you have suddenly noticed that your internet speeds do not seem as fast as they once were, or your internet service provider offers less-than-optimal internet speeds, nothing can be more frustrating than dealing with a slow wireless internet connection. Fortunately, there are a few steps that you can to take to increase your internet speed and maximize your productivity. Here are just a few tips to help get you started.

Troubleshoot Your Hardware

If you have noticed that your internet speeds seem slower than normal lately, one of the first things you should do before cursing your computer, or blaming your internet service provider, is to first try troubleshooting your hardware. Just like your computer, your modem and wireless router can get tired after running constantly for weeks on end. Thusly, if you have noticed a drop in performance you should take a moment to reset your router, or, if this is not an option, turn off your router and modem, and unplug it for a few minutes. After rebooting your router/modem, you may notice a drastic increase in performance.

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

Whether you have noticed a sudden decrease in performance, or you have been unhappy with your WiFi speeds for a while, you should consider calling your internet service provider if resetting your hardware does not help. Your provider can run diagnostics to see if your connection and router are functioning properly, and they may even be able to increase your router’s performance remotely. Remember when dealing with customer service that being nice will get you farther than being angry. If you are polite, they may go out of their way to help you, and they may even offer an upgrade.

Consider Using an Ethernet Cord

If nothing you do seems to improve your WiFi speeds, you may want to consider a cabled ethernet connection to the internet rather than relying on WiFi. Cabled connections to the internet tend to be faster and more reliable than WiFi connections, which can give you a valuable performance boost, particularly if you had a low-speed internet connection to begin with.

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