Microsoft’s Fall Creators Update Coming Soon – Computer Tip of the Day

Microsoft's Fall Creators Update

For some time now, Microsoft has been teasing their users about a major update for their Windows 10 operating system.  This major update has finally arrived.  The long-anticipated update for Windows 10 will be coming out on October 17.  In this post, we will discuss some of the new features that will hopefully make your computer tasks easier and more efficient.

Faster Start-up

Who doesn’t want their computer to boot up faster?  Microsoft took note of the faster start-up times with other gadgets like smartphones and tablets and has promised to make the boot-up time on a Windows 10 laptop noticeably faster with their Fall Creators Update.

OneDrive Features

Microsoft is offering more file accessibility through a new tool called “Files On-Demand”.  With this tool, Microsoft offers additional options for cloud and local storage options so users can access their files on the go, even if they haven’t synced their portable device with their computer in a while.

Faster Cortana Queries

Cortana will soon be able to offer answers to questions without opening up a web browser, saving users a bit of time.  With the Fall Creators Update, Cortana will also be able to shut down a PC, restart it, lock it and sign out of Windows.

Make More Connections

Microsoft is not unaware that the Android smartphone is here to stay.  Wisely, they decided to make it easier to switch between devices by adding a cross-device web browsing feature.  Once a user sets up the connection, they can browse the web on their smartphone and then switch over to the same article on their laptop.

There are many other new, exciting features coming out with Microsoft’s Fall Creators Update.  Want to know more?  Contact us.