Network Cable Installation

Network Cable Installation

A reliable network requires professionally installed cables. A cheaply done job, without the necessary expertise, will deliver unreliable service and cost more to fix later. Good cable installation gives you connections that stay connected and wiring that avoids interference.

  • The cables need to be high-quality. For most Ethernet networks, CAT 5e or 6 is the right choice. Lower-quality cables won’t handle high data speeds. You don’t want to have to replace them after your next router upgrade, so plan ahead.
  • Be sure to run enough cables. It doesn’t cost much to have a little extra capacity, but the labor costs are higher if you need to add more later.
  • Cable runs shouldn’t be longer than the recommended maximum. Each cable type has its own limitations. Exceeding them will result in poor signals, more errors, and slower data throughput. Stretching cables can damage them and increases the chance that connections will get loose.
  • Cables should run smoothly, without kinks. A sharp bend in a cable can make it interfere with itself and lose data.
  • Connectors need to be well-crimped. Loose connections add capacitance to the line, potentially reducing throughput, and they may come unattached after a while.
  • The placement of cables needs to avoid interference. They should never run close by and parallel to power lines, and they should stay well clear of fluorescent lights.
  • Installed cables need to follow applicable standards and be properly labeled. The network could need some changes in the future, and it will be harder and more expensive if technicians have to identify wires and cable routes by trial and error.

Network cabling is a long-term investment. If it’s done well, it will give a business reliable connections and continue to meet its needs as it adds newer and faster equipment. A good cabling system is just there; you don’t have to think about it. In most cases, it will require little or no maintenance for years. Contact us to learn how we can help you to set up a reliable network.

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  1. Ehternet cable is a more organised cabling system, whereby you can link up network devices while still being able to clearly identify different types of cable. I agree that, proper installation of network cable is important for better connection. Thanks for sharing..!!

  2. Thank you for pointing out that a sharp bend in a cable can make it interfere with itself. My husband is wanting to switch cable companies. Hopefully, we can find one we love that will work well with our family.

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