Zarafa Hosted EMail Solution: All the Benefits of MS Exchange at Half the Cost


Cloud computing has changed the way businesses set up and run their IT services and e-mail solutions are no exception. Running a traditional MS Exchange server in-house means an investment in hardware and software which can approach $10,000, plus the annual cost of an in-house engineer to maintain, update, patch and back up the servers. A second option is the hosted email solution which requires no up-front investments yet provides

What Does the End of the Ballmer Era Mean for Microsoft Exchange?


Love him, hate him, or fear him, there is no denying that Microsoft co-founder and CEO Steve Ballmer is one of the industry’s true larger-than-life personalities. Reactions to the news that Ballmer is to retire within the next year have varied greatly, from “worst CEO ever” to reflections on his “classy exit.” The one certainty of the situation, however, is that Microsoft is due for drastic changes. What impact will

A hosted email solution with five star reliability and collaboration for less money


If we polled business owners as to what they thought the three most critical factors determining their success was there’s a good chance that the top three would be: reliability, collaboration, and low cost. Achieving those three critical elements in a hosted email solution for your business should be considered a tremendous win for your company. The truth is that many business owners may not spend the necessary time and

Why Microsoft Exchange No Longer Has a Lock on Business Email


One interesting thing about Microsoft’s recent communications regarding its public beta of Office 2013 is that the emphasis has been entirely on the client-side and cloud-based aspects. To learn anything more about the new Microsoft Exchange server requires more digging. This is a sign of how Microsoft is shifting focus, and though it is keeping and adapting most of its legacy office programs, it is starting to recognize that its

Zarafa: The Premier Open Source Email & Collaboration Software

Email and collaboration are cornerstones of today’s business. Zarafa gives you the most reliable email and collaboration software on the market with more speed and greater stability than that of big name software! Zarafa has some pivotal advantages that make it the superior choice over its competitors: No learning curve With a similar appearance and feel to Outlook, switching over to Zarafa could not be any simpler! With familiar features