If we polled business owners as to what they thought the three most critical factors determining their success was there’s a good chance that the top three would be: reliability, collaboration, and low cost.

Achieving those three critical elements in a hosted email solution for your business should be considered a tremendous win for your company. The truth is that many business owners may not spend the necessary time and resources into really researching the best possible option. Microsoft Exchange is often thought of as the “go to” choice here purely for its name and recognition. Further investigation, however, does show that another option exists that could provide all the wonderful familiarity and usability of Microsoft Outlook with even better reliability and collaboration at just about half the costs. Introduce yourself to Zarafa.

Firstly, Zarafa can offer increased reliability with the full utilization of a Linux server, which saves your email and collaboration data to a MySQL database for added security. Collaboration is another strong suit of Zarafa, whereas it enables full Outlook sharing, including email, calendar, and contacts. It is also compatible with any mobile device.

The true strength in having Zarafa up and running for your business, however, is in its open source platform. Because it is open-source, the costs are significantly lower than those of its competitors. In some cases they are as little as 50% of the costs of some proprietary packages. It is also fully licensed under the Alfero GPLv3 software license.

Overall, it is the peanut-butter and jelly like combination of providing open, compatible, and enterprise level collaboration with Linux server reliability and all at a lower cost that makes Zarafa a real alternative to Microsoft Exchange in the eyes of its customers and partners.

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