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Computer Tip of the Day: Backing Up Your Data

Backing Up Your Data

In the workplace, backing up your data and keeping your sensitive data secure is important. Even if you’re under the impression that there’s only a slim chance of losing your files, never take a risk. Whether it’s a natural disaster, or someone in the workplace looking to steal your info, there are numerous scenarios where your data can be lost

Computer Tip of the Day: An Extra Layer of Backup

You can never have too many backups. A standard backup plan should follow the “3-2-1” rule; have at least three copies of your important files, keep them on at least two different media, and store one of them offsite. The offsite copy will usually be with a backup service provider on the Internet. With critically important files that don’t change

Initiate Disaster Recovery Procedures Before Hurricane Season Begins

Backup Computer Key In Blue For Archiving And Storage

Although the official timeline for tropical storms in the United States only lasts from June 1 through December 1, savvy businesses up and down the East Coast in the Gulf States know that business preparations in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane hitting your area are an ongoing process. As 2015 heads towards summer, it’s a good idea

How to Backup Data to the Cloud

cloud backup

We’ve heard a bit of confusion concerning how to back data up to the cloud. In this blog we’ll walk you through the process to show you how simple it really is. First, you’ll need: A set of data Cloud storage A willingness to take the next step That’s really all it takes to backup data to the cloud. If

Disaster Recovery and Backup: Make New Technology Work for You

A 2012 study done by Gartner found that business continuity was the number one reason for a business to decide on virtualization. This disaster recovery and backup solutions plan should include at least three considerations, which are addressed in this post. It is important to know that almost 75 percent of businesses that virtualized saw measurable improvement in their ability to recover

Automatic Online Backup: How can the cloud help keep my data safe and secured?

For those of you who still don’t know, the term “cloud computing” can mean many things. The easiest way to describe it would be as a group of services that are available to you whenever and wherever an Internet connection is available. An online backup refers to one of these cloud services that lets you take a copy of your

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