What Is The Best Way To Protect Your Business From Hackers
Protect Your Business

According to Small Business Trends online 43 percent of all small businesses across the United States face a cyber attack. In fact, over half of those businesses that suffer a cyber attack eventually fail. These known statistics make it necessary to protect your business from hackers. A hacker gains unauthorized use to your business data through your computer. The question is, what can you do to protect your business against a cyber attack?

What Does The AE Technology Group Do To Protect Your Business? 

IT Support Services

What is IT support services? Our IT services provides tech support against cyber bullies. When your operating system is under the threat of an attacker, we’re there to help. Our customers receive efficient monitoring of their operating system against hackers and other technical issues. We understand how effective IT support can keep your business productive. 

24 Hour Support 

There is no set time for a hacker to attack your operating system. The AE Technology Group is there to support your needs around the clock. Our customers receive 24/7 IT security, backup data services, disaster recovery, monitoring, and customized support IT software. 

Unfortunately, a hacker will go through great lengths to infiltrate your business data. Businesses that operate financial services are at a greater risk of a cyber attack. Cyber bullies are after data that can help them financially gain from your business. Basic anti-virus software isn’t enough to stop malware and the threat of spy software used by hackers. Get the backup and recovery services your business needs when you need it. We also provide in-office IT support services with Office 365 and VoIP. 

Amazingly, the AE Tech Group has proudly served the New York City area for over 17 years with a worldwide audience. We specialize in backup and recovery for small and medium size businesses. We’re there to protect you against ransonware, SQL injection, and worms used by hackers. You’re invited to contact us for more details on an exemplary 90 day trial to protect your business from unwanted hackers today. 

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