9 Questions to Ask When Considering Custom CRM Solutions

9 questions to ask when considering custom crm solutions

custom CRM solutions

Seriously, customer relationship management (CRM) software can make all the difference. Custom CRM solutions are bigger than they have ever been, and we’re not using hyperbole on this one. So the question then becomes: “Do you have it?” Or perhaps more importantly “How do I get it?”

Ask these NINE questions

What size business is the CRM software built for?

Custom customer relationship management (CRM) software built for small businesses has basic features at an affordable price. The advanced, pricier models are feature-rich and highly customizable. It’s best to go with custom CRM solutions that can grow with your business.

Is it really user-friendly?

The idea of custom CRM software sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. If you can navigate a web browser, you can use this software. Also, look for a vendor that provides training for employees.

What features are available to help me with sales, marketing and other aspects of my business?

You need to know exactly what comes with your CRM system. Some features may cost extra. The features you want to look for are sales force automation, marketing automation, inventory management, multiple database, support, security management, and calendaring.

How customizable is the software?

Some custom CRM solutions only offer a few customizable features, while others are more sophisticated. Before you buy, it’s good to note how your business plans on using the CRM software. That way you’ll be able to customize the specific features you need.

How easy is it to integrate with other systems I already use?

The best option for compatibility and accessibility is an online CRM solution. This requires no software to download and can be accessed through a web browser. Not only do you want compatibility, but you want the perks that make life easier.

What limitations are there to using the software?

You need to know if you can work offline, if mobile apps are available, and other limitations of the software. These are not naysaying facets. It’s just good to know, what to expect.

What is the actual cost of the software?

Sure, there is the initial cost. But are there any additional fees? What if you need to add more users or want more features?

What type of security features does the CRM system have to protect my data?

Your custom CRM system should have a security management plan. Should disaster strike, you want to know you’re protected. An online CRM solution is safely stored, reliably hosted and securely backed up automatically.

If I need help, what type of customer service is offered?

Don’t just pay for the software and walk away. It’s good to have support included in the service. But if support isn’t offered at the start, what does that say about the company?

If you are on the fence about trying an online custom CRM solution, sign up for a free trial. Also, there’s a free PDF about CRM for you to look over.


And if you have any other questions or concerns, contact us. We’re always happy to help you get started. Thanks.

6 Benefits of Zarafa Email

6 benefits of zarafa email

The Zarafa program offers traditional groupware features and allows you to control almost every aspect of your inbox. The Zarafa email is an open source and collaboration service that is extremely reliable.

More details about the Zarafa Email software:

Open Source: The collaboration platform is licensed under Affero GPLv3. Zarafa uses standard Linux packages that are interchangeable with other packages which can do the same tasks.

User-Friendly: It is easy to use because the features; the address book, public folders and calendar are similar to Outlook and the layout is familiar. You can get connectivity with Outlook through a plugin.

Device Support: You can have a Web 2.0 Outlook feel through web access on any of your mobile devices and on all your ActiveSync compatible mobile devices.

Contacts: The technology enables you to create, use, and manage your contacts from one place as well as share contacts across your organization. Another great feature is the global address book.

Team Mailbox: You can connect email addresses to a team mailbox. The team members can monitor incoming messages. Each mailbox appears in a folder navigation pane and stays open until closed.

Add-Ons: The features you can add-on are Spreed, Dropbox, IM and ownCloud Support.

AE Technology Group understands your business and can provide computer network managed services. Zarafa Outlook Sharing & Webaccess gives you the advantages of Microsoft Exchange at only half the cost. It combines usability of Microsoft Outlook with the flexibility and stability of a Linux server. Zafra involves a fast setup process and easy migration.

For more information please contact us.

How Can IT Help a Business

how can it help a business

Two businesses men shaking hands, sealing a deal.

The Situation

You have developed a concept for a business product or service that you feel is certain to sell. You have done your homework and created a business plan that rocked your banker’s world.

Your financing is in place, your production is in good shape, and you are ready for prime time.

You realize that your business will benefit from a strong presence on the internet and on social media, and you have worked hard to figure your way around a mouse and keyboard.

But as you really consider your technology needs for a successful small-sized business, you realize that you are ill-prepared to meet that need.

Panic sets in. Now what?

The solution is simpler than you might think. Consider the option of outsourced IT computer support for your business.

How can IT help a business?

Simply put, outsourcing your computer support allows you to focus on what you do best while letting IT experts handle all the technology stuff you have never even heard of.

With this solution, as your business takes off and profits come in, systems roll efficiently along. Your email accounts stay safe, your firewalls remain intact, your data is uninterrupted, and your hardware runs smoothly.

All of this can be accomplished without having to spend valuable time researching the difference between malware, adware, phishing, and botnets.

What could be better than such an easy, economical solution to a thorny problem?

Contact us, and we will concentrate on supplying your business technology needs while you concentrate on making your business a success.

Managed Services for a Better Business

managed services for a better business

If the ever-changing world of IT has your head in a tailspin, you’re not alone. If the thought of running an IT department within your own business gives you nightmares, it may be time to consider an MSP.

An MSP, or managed service provider, is perfect for small, or medium-sized businesses that don’t have the capital to invest, or simply don’t want to spend the amount of money it would take to buy all of the equipment, and pay the necessary staff to run an effective IT department in-house. Managed service providers offer small businesses the opportunity to save time, money, and space by outsourcing their IT needs.

As more entrepreneurs open start-ups, innovators break ground, operations down-size, and many businesses shift away from the corporate structure, MSPs are becoming increasingly preferred. Having on-demand experienced IT support was once an expensive luxury exclusive to big businesses. Fortunately, with an MSP, this personalized on-demand support is now totally affordable for any size company. MSPs are flexible and allow companies to access to the amount of data storage they actually need, and can afford, and to adjust as their business grows, or downsizes. Utilize the experience and knowledge of information technology professionals, protect your data, and avoid any dreaded down-time with an MSP.

Forbes reported that, “The growing interest in management service providers comes as small businesses look for relief for their overburdened information technology workers who are often asked to perform around-the-clock maintenance. Such businesses are turning to management service providers to get a better bang for their buck…and to remotely monitor corporate networks to guard against hacker intrusion or to ease bandwidth bottlenecks.”

You don’t need to own an in-house IT department for your business to benefit from cutting-edge technology, customized support, and preventative maintenance. MSPs are the economical solution for any company that wants a slice of the IT department pie. Let the pros deal with your hardware, software, and network issues, and please contact us for any additional information to see how an MSP is perfect for your business.

How to Backup Your Computer

how to backup your computer

how to backup your computerImagine this scenario.

Your business is thriving. Just a month ago you hired two more employees, and you are considering expanding further. Your office is filled with employees hard at work on customer’s orders.

You smile with satisfaction. Everything is going great.

Fast forward to tomorrow and your entire business is in shambles. Your computer system has went down so all of your information has been lost. You know that it will take months to replace the lost information and start running efficiently again. Your dreams of expansion have been delayed.

This scenario isn’t so far-fetched if you don’t back up your computer. It’s vital that you learn how to backup your computer effectively.

There are two ways to backup your computer, a physical drive and a cloud-based storage system. In this article on how to back up your computer we will look at both:

1.  Physical drive

Many businesses regret using physical drives to backup their computer. USB drives are expensive and are easily lost or destroyed. If you lose your USB or it is damaged in an event such as a fire all your data is gone. In addition, USB drives can be stolen.

Physical drives are not the optimal way to back up your computer.

2. Cloud-based storage

When you use a cloud-based storage service all of your data is stored online. If you use a good company your data will be secure and easily accessible.

When learning how to back up your computer this is the method that you want to use. It is far superior to the physical drive method because you can access your data anywhere and there’s no risk of a USB drive being destroyed.

Backing up your computer using cloud-based storage is simple. Simply choose a company then follow their directions to transfer your files to the cloud-based system. The process is quick and easy.

If you want to work with one of the best cloud-based storage systems available for small businesses contact us.