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Disaster Recovery Vs Business Continuity: Are They The Same?

Disaster Recovery Vs Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery Vs Business Continuity: Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) are often thought of as pretty much the same thing, but in reality there are significant differences between the two. Both are key elements of a company’s ability to continue functioning after an emergency. Yet it’s possible for a business to have in

Computer Tip of the Day: An Extra Layer of Backup

You can never have too many backups. A standard backup plan should follow the “3-2-1” rule; have at least three copies of your important files, keep them on at least two different media, and store one of them offsite. The offsite copy will usually be with a backup service provider on the Internet. With critically

Outsourced Computer Support for Your Business – Disaster Recovery

Did you know that computer downtime costs US businesses approximately $26.5 billion annually? Also, companies that have a network down for more than ten days never completely recoup the financial loss to their businesses. These statistics demonstrate just how vital it is for your business to have an adequate IT disaster recovery plan in place.

Initiate Disaster Recovery Procedures Before Hurricane Season Begins

Backup Computer Key In Blue For Archiving And Storage

Although the official timeline for tropical storms in the United States only lasts from June 1 through December 1, savvy businesses up and down the East Coast in the Gulf States know that business preparations in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane hitting your area are an ongoing process. As 2015 heads towards

How to Backup Your Computer

The backup key in blue.

Imagine this scenario. Your business is thriving. Just a month ago you hired two more employees, and you are considering expanding further. Your office is filled with employees hard at work on customer’s orders. You smile with satisfaction. Everything is going great. Fast forward to tomorrow and your entire business is in shambles. Your computer system

Disaster Recovery for New York Businesses: Are You Prepared for Another Polar Vortex Situation?

Disaster recovery for New York businesses might seem like an automatic process after dealing with Hurricane Sandy in 2012, then the Polar Vortex last year. But statistics showed that many businesses never recovered from Hurricane Sandy only six months after it occurred. The same applied to the Polar Vortex that reportedly had an astonishing $15 billion

Winter is Here: Time to Revisit Disaster Recovery

What happened in Buffalo is a reminder to all businesses to practice disaster recovery. Businesses in Upstate New York that had a disaster recovery plan will have had an easier time recovering from the colossal snow storm. It’s difficult to imagine the difficulties facing the businesses that didn’t have a proper strategy. For those who missed

Disaster Recovery: Most Common Causes of Data Loss

An important aspect of disaster recovery planning is understanding what causes data loss. At this point, most business owners understand the risks and costs of data loss. On the other hand, not everyone is so sure as to what causes it in the first place. We understand this and included a section in our backup solutions PDF

Start Your Disaster Recovery with an Emergency Services Request

Sometimes businesses don’t understand the need for disaster recovery until they’re actually in that situation. Some call this learning the hard way while others call it poor business planning. Either way, businesses that don’t invest in disaster recovery are headed down a rocky road. We understand that some businesses get caught up and unfortunately find

Technology Business Plan: The Importance of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Do you have a technology business plan? One of the top concerns of small businesses and large corporations alike is the continuous potential threat of a natural or unnatural disaster. This imminent threat can render your business operations dead in the water if your communication systems or data servers fail. With outsourced IT, disaster recovery can be

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