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These Should Be The Key Steps In Your Business Continuity Management Cycle

Business Continuity Management

Strong business continuity management helps ensure that your company will keep functioning even when hit with a serious IT disaster. Businesses frequently name cyber attacks as a top threat, but there are other potential disasters as well, including IT infrastructure malfunctions and employee error and negligence. How do you keep your business running under such

Productivity Plugins For Major Browsers: Computer Tip Of The Day

Productivity Plugins

When you are on your computer at work, it is too easy to get distracted. A world of information and entertainment is at your fingertips. Thankfully, there are a few browser plugins and extensions that make it simple to stay on task. Here are some of the best productivity plugins for each of the major

Computer Tip of the Day – Don’t Forget Those Control Keys!

computer tip of the day

We all like to be as efficient as we can be. Whether you are in Word or composing an e-mail, if you prefer the keypad to the mouse, using control- keys can save you a lot of time! Our computer tip of the day will help. Computer Tip of the Day You’ve probably seen at

Dealing With Ransomware: Our Computer Tip of the Day

dealing with ransomware

Any basic computer user knows about the dangers that lurk on the Internet. From email scams, to generic computer viruses, and suspicious links, making smart decisions while surfing the web is important. As important as this is, however, one of the more common dangers lurking in cyberspace, is ransomware. A malicious tool that locks your

How to Prepare For a Disaster: Three Key Tips You Should Try

How to Prepare For a Disaster

Learn how to prepare for a disaster. All businesses are vulnerable to costly IT disasters. For example, CSO Online reports that by 2021, cyber crime will result in $6 trillion losses every year. And cyber crimes aren’t the only kind if IT disaster businesses suffer through. Equipment failures, flooding and fires, and employee errors (such

Cybersecurity for Business: Here’s How to Secure Your Technology Now!

Cybersecurity for Business

No matter what size business you run, adequate cybersecurity for business is likely at the top of your to do list this year. Cyber-criminals are targeting both small businesses and large businesses alike. Cybersecurity for business In addition, most people don’t realize that what’s attracting cyber-criminals to their targets is, Simple and unprotected entry points,

HIPAA Compliant IT Support And Its Value To Your Business

HIPAA Compliant IT Support

When you run or work at a healthcare practice, regardless of the size of the business, you know the importance of HIPAA compliant IT support. The HIPAA Act protects the private information of your clients which is a good thing. But it doesn’t come without its annoyances. One of those is making sure that all

Purchasing a New Device: What to Consider

purchasing a new device

Thinking of purchasing a new device? In the workplace, computers are one of the most important tools that anyone could use. They help you to access your important documents, respond to customer questions, and even collaborate with others via Skype. Not to mention some prefer to bring in their own laptops to the workplace. These

Why Do Businesses Hire Managed IT Services?

hire IT managed IT services

Why do businesses hire managed IT services? When you are shopping around for IT services, you have probably seen many IT providers offer both hourly IT services and managed IT services. You may be wondering what the difference is and why managed services for Long Island businesses are a popular choice. Is it worth it for your company?

What Is HIPAA Compliance? If You Have A Business, You Should Know

what is HIPAA compliance

What is HIPAA compliance? Having a thorough understanding of HIPAA compliance is imperative for any IT professional working in the healthcare sector. This factor is especially important as technology evolves, and more affected organizations utilize innovative tools like mobile devices and Health Information Exchanges. But what is HIPAA compliance? As this article explains, HIPAA, the Health

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