3 Keyboarding Shortcuts You Need to Increase Your Productivity

3 keyboarding shortcuts you need to increase your productivity

You may have seen our previous blog post on keyboarding shortcuts and thought, “This is for rookies!” But remember you were once a rookie too! Sure, you might have mastered Microsoft Word by the third grade, but not everyone is in the same boat as you. But for those who have the basic keyboarding shortcuts down, here are 3 lesser-known keyboarding shortcuts to increase your productivity for our computer tip of the day.

keyboarding shortcuts

3 lesser-known keyboarding shortcuts

  1. Ctrl + Home and Ctrl + End: These shortcuts will save you a ton of time scrolling up and down through a long document. The first shortcut will take you to the top of a document and the latter will take you to the end. For Mac users, do Command + Up Arrow and Command + Down Arrow. Mind blown.
  2. Ctrl + Backspace and more: The Ctrl + Backspace shortcut will greatly increase your productivity because it deletes one word at a time instead of one character at a time. Similarly, Ctrl + Right Arrow or Left Arrow moves the cursor one word at a time instead of one character at a time. Fly through editing your documents with these tricks. Note: These shortcuts do not work on Apple computers.
  3. Alt + Tab: When you are working on a big project, you probably have a number of applications open like your web browser, Microsoft Office, and other applications applicable to your work. To switch between applications without having to switch over to your mouse, simply use the Alt + Tab shortcut to flip through open applications. For Mac users, try Command + Tab.

We hope you enjoy these keyboarding shortcuts and that you can work them into your daily life to save yourself some time. For more information on computer help, contact us at AE Technology Group.


Increase Productivity With These 3 Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

increase productivity with these 3 basic keyboard shortcuts

When you do a lot of typing for your job, keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time. Unfortunately, if no one taught you or you don’t remember them from keyboarding class in high school, you aren’t likely to stumble upon them on your own. That is why for our computer tip of the day, we wanted to provide you with 3 basic keyboard shortcuts to increase productivity.

increase productivity

Increase Productivity With These 3 Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Copy: Don’t waste your time dragging your cursor up to edit/copy. Simply use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C. A little known fact is that Ctrl + Insert will also copy text. For Mac users, use the Command key instead of Ctrl.
  2. Paste: Once you have copied your text, you will probably want to paste it somewhere. To paste the text you just copied, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V. The copy tool is easy to remember because “copy” starts with “c”. So users of the paste tool might like to think of the “v” like the word “velcro”, as in you are using velcro to paste the copied words into the new location.
  3. Cut: Copying will just make a duplicate of a highlighted text, like if you are taking information from a webpage and putting it into a document. But Ctrl + X or “cut” removes the text entirely so you can paste it in another area if you want. This would not be an option on a webpage, but rather if you are working in a Word document and want to move text from one area to another.

While we admit these are very basic keyboard shortcuts, we hope that a few readers have had their eyes opened to the wonders of keyboarding shortcuts. Stay tuned for a few more advanced shortcuts. For more information on computer help, contact us at AE Technology Group today.

Scheduling Mandatory Reboots: Computer Tip of the Day

scheduling mandatory reboots computer tip of the day

Computer updates are important for security and functionality, but nobody likes waiting for their computer to reboot. Oftentimes, users get caught in a cycle of delaying them every chance they get without ever making time for the updates to download. If this has been frustrating you since your first Windows desktop, then read below for our computer tip of the day about scheduling mandatory reboots.

Scheduling Mandatory Reboots

With Windows 10, Microsoft won’t let users delay updates for long. But to help with this transition, it’s also offering an option for scheduling mandatory reboots.

This PC World article talks about the feature and explains how you can use it:

“Windows 10 won’t allow you to skip updates this time around, but it tosses enthusiasts a bone by finally—FINALLY—including an option to schedule exactly when those mandatory restarts happen. Once an update’s been downloaded, head into the Windows Update section of the Settings app’s “Updates & Security” section to tell your PC when it’s got a greenlight to reboot. If you head into the advanced options you can tell Windows to notify you to schedule a restart whenever an update’s ready to rock.”

Changing the settings only takes a couple of minutes, but it’ll save you a lot of frustration later on. The good thing is that you won’t have to keep clicking “Postpone” every four hours when scheduling mandatory reboots.

This tip has several benefits. For one, it makes sure that employees update their computers regularly. This is critical for protecting your company’s hardware and data. Moreover, by scheduling their mandatory updates, employees will see an increase in productivity. The updates will start at convenient times as opposed to interrupting employees when they’re busy.

If your computers don’t have Windows 10 yet, then you should encourage employees to update their computers regularly. Not scheduling mandatory reboots can create problems later on and frustrate employees in case the updates start at inopportune times.

The best computer tips are the ones that save time and remove frustration. If you’re interested in other computer tips that increase productivity, or anything else, contact us today.

What Is HIPAA Compliance? If You Have A Business, You Should Know

what is hipaa compliance if you have a business you should know

What is HIPAA compliance? Having a thorough understanding of HIPAA compliance is imperative for any IT professional working in the healthcare sector. This factor is especially important as technology evolves, and more affected organizations utilize innovative tools like mobile devices and Health Information Exchanges.

But what is HIPAA compliance?

As this article explains, HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. A comprehensive IT plan for HIPAA compliance must include, training, review, and safeguards.


For training to be effective, it must be current and thorough. Members of the medical and administrative staff need regular and comprehensive training to lessen the practice’s risk of exposure to data leaks and potential financially crippling HIPAA violation penalties.


As technology and regulation evolve, it is important to incorporate regular reviews of policy and procedure as it pertains to patient information and how that information is shared and stored.


There are three basic areas to consider when developing safeguards; physical, administrative and technological.

1. Physical

Organizations covered by HIPAA must have physical measures in place to protect both traditional and digital data from unauthorized intrusion. These actions may include having a patient’s charts placed in areas where only authorized personnel have access, securing laptops with passwords and keeping them in safe locations and putting security cameras in those locations. Policy and procedure training must include instruction for proper use.

2. Administrative

Security controls have to be evaluated regularly from a risk management standpoint in the following administrative areas of your medical office:

  • Assignment of responsibilities
  • Workforce security
  • Awareness and training
  • Incident reporting protocols and periodic analysis
  • Contingency planning
  • Emergency data recovery planning
  • Vendor access and control – confidentiality contracts

3. Technological

IT is the fastest evolving area of a practice today. Tech areas that need to be kept in compliance with HIPPA regulations are:

  • Data encryption
  • Data storage options
  • Data disaster planning
  • Data recovery planning
  • Email filtering
  • Web filtering
  • Digital data sharing
  • Risk analysis

Consequences of non-compliance

So now you know the answer to the question, “What is HIPAA compliance?”. Having a thorough understanding of the complicated requirements for HIPAA compliance also means that the penalties for violations are also understood. HIPAA violations and resulting lawsuits are soaring. The dollar amount of awards and settlements for HIPAA ITsecurity violations is currently at $20.3 million, (for the first eight months of 2016) that is an increase of 32% from 2105.

To discover how AE Technology Group’s HIPAA Consulting can benefit your business contact us today.

Find IT Support on Long Island That Meets Your Needs

find it support on long island that meets your needs

Find IT Support on Long Island That Meets Your Needs

If you have your own business in Long Island, chances are you have at least some IT needs. For a small business with only one computer and not very much dependence on it, maybe you can make due without IT support.

But most small to medium businesses need some outside IT support. For the layman, IT is complicated, and as a business owner, you want to spend your time on your business, not fixing the infrastructure that helps it run.

AE Technology Group provides IT support on Long Island so that your business can run smoothly and efficiently.

How Does Our Service Work?

AE Technology Group offers a fixed, affordable rate and our technicians are available 24/7/365. AE Technology Group was formed by the merger of Adam Kaplan with ASK4Technology and Marc Bellack of Evolution CE. Together they have more than 20 years of experience in IT and have created a company that is designed to meet all of your IT needs.

We understand that technology is complex, and it is constantly changing. We stay on top of those changes so you don’t have to. AE Technology Group can help your Long Island business with hardware design and installation, technical and help desk support, and network design and implementation. We help you prevent potential problems by offering software trainings.

For more information on our rates and how AE Technology Group can help your small to medium business grow, contact us today. With the proper IT support, you can focus on what you do best, and we will back you up completely with your technology.