How to Avoid These 4 IT Mistakes As Your Company Grows

how to avoid these 4 it mistakes as your company grows

Have you noticed that your technology is struggling to keep up as the company expands over time? If so, you’re not alone. Many companies solely focus on increasing their sales without considering whether their technology will be able to  accommodate their growth.

Here are several IT mistakes you should try to avoid as your business starts to grow:

Mistake #1

Your Technology Does Not Align With the Company’s Overall Goals

Your technology should always align with the goals of your business. After all, not every product is going to be a good fit or meet your needs. Once you have outlined the company’s strategic goals, you should only invest in technology that will help you achieve them.

Mistake #2

Your Employees Are Not Supportive

Do your employees know why your company uses certain technology over others? They are less likely to embrace it if they don’t understand its purpose. This can lead to unsupportive employees who can lower the morale in the workplace. You can avoid this mistake early on by explaining to them in detail how your technology ties into the company’s overall mission.   

Mistake #3

You Don’t Explore Your Technology’s Full Capabilities

Technology has made significant strides within the last couple of decades, but many companies are still not taking advantage of all its capabilities. Talk with your managed IT service provider to learn more about how you can fully optimize it. You should also train the employees on how to use your software and equipment.

Mistake #4

Your Technology Isn’t A Priority

Sadly, some small business owners and managers are so focused on driving sales that they forget to prioritize their IT. You can use technology to increase efficiency and productivity. To prevent this from happening, you should work with a dedicated IT service provider to oversee your company’s technology.

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How IT Support Can Help Your Business

how it support can help your business

The economy in New York City is both extremely dynamic and competitive. Because of this, staying ahead of your competition is always extremely important. One of the best ways that you can ensure that you are able to stay ahead of others in your industry is by having a dedicated IT support service at your disposal. An IT support service will be able to provide you with a range of different services.

Network Establishment and Maintenance

The first thing that your support service will be able to provide you with is the establishment and maintenance of a network. Having a network to store and share data is extremely important. The IT support service will be able to developing Network that can connect all members of your organization. Through the use of Cloud technology and other services, it can greatly make your business more efficient.

Data Security

Due to the continued risks of data theft, engaging an IT support service to help you manage these risks is very important. The service will be able to establish a security system that will be difficult to access by outside threats.  They will also be able to monitor your network security on a daily basis for red flags and update it with new technology as needed.  This will help to keep your company and customer information secure.

Help Desk

The IT support service can also provide simple help desk support. Nothing is more frustrating than having a computer that will not work or not being able to access a network. The IT support staff will be able to provide you with quick support to ensure you are up and running in no time.

If you are in need of a New York City IT support service, contact us to learn more about all of the services that we could provide your organization.

IT Support For Your Business: Four Critical Components of IT Support

it support for your business four critical components of it support

Strong IT support is essential for business growth and success. But how do you know if your business is receiving high-quality IT services? Learn about IT support for your business.

Companies sometimes wind up spending more money in a particular area, such as cyber security, only to find out they haven’t made the right decisions and received comprehensive services.

The following are some of the critical components of IT support for your business:

  1. A proactive stance. Proactive IT support personnel don’t merely react to problems; they anticipate and do everything possible to prevent them. They rely on strategies such as round-the-clock network monitoring and timely maintenance and updates for hardware and software. They also help you with strategic planning, making IT decisions that lay the groundwork for future developments in your business.
  2. Multi-faceted, layered cyber security defenses. These include training employees in safer computing habits, installing firewalls and anti-malware software on company devices, implementing strong and accurate anti-spam programs, managing complex user log-in credentials, and remaining vigilant for suspicious network activities.
  3. Simplified support. Whether you’re having a problem with a piece of equipment or a software program, you know exactly who to call. You don’t need to start talking to multiple technicians or support specialists from a variety of companies. Just contact your IT support team, and they’ll handle the situation in a timely, reliable way.
  4. Dependable data backups. Your data is valuable, and your business development depends on avoiding permanent data loss, particularly for sensitive or critical information. IT support professionals can help you come up with reliable ways to regularly back up your data. The backups should be comprehensive and easily retrievable in the event of an IT disaster.

If you wish to find out more about the critical components of high-quality IT support for your business, please contact us. We’re dedicated to protecting your company, safeguarding your data, and ensuring productive and efficient business operations.

Get the IT Technical Support You Need

get the it technical support you need

IT Technical Support You Need

In today’s world of changing technology, many businesses have a lot of IT needs. Technology is constantly evolving and improving and while this is usually good, it can make things more confusing for users to adapt. And, if your technology isn’t working well, your business is not running smoothly. That is why IT technical support is essential to your business.

Even if your business has an in-house IT specialist, sometimes the needs are too great and you need some back-up support. Whether you are looking for managed IT services or emergency IT help, AE Technology Group offers our services to Long Island businesses.

What are some ways that AE Technology Group can help?

To start, AE Technology Group has technicians on-call 24/7/365 to help diagnose and fix your technology problems. We offer technical and help desk support, software training, network design, and hardware design, configuration, and installation. So whatever the needs are in your business, we can help.

Don’t let IT problems stress you out into the New Year. Hire help from AE Technology Group and we can not only solve your IT problems but hopefully prevent many of them through maintenance. IT troubles don’t wait for a convenient time to happen.

We know it can happen when you least expect it and when you need your technology to be working correctly the most. That is why we offer technical support, day and night. Don’t let IT problems slow down the productivity of your company.

For more information on how AE Technology Group can help your business stay on top of things with technical support, contact us today.

Proactive Support: What Is It And Why Does Your Business Need It?

proactive support what is it and why does your business need it

A recent survey conducted by McKinsey & Company reveals that consumers make 70% of their purchase decisions based on how they feel about the customer service they receive. Good customer service makes a direct contribution to a company’s bottom line. Now there’s a new approach to providing great customer service that you might not have heard of before. It’s called “proactive support.” Here’s what it’s all about.

proactive support

What is proactive support?

Historically, most customer support efforts have been reactive. That is, a support team takes action to assist a customer when that customer brings a problem to the company’s attention. With proactive customer support, a company’s customer support team aims to identify and address issues before they become problems.

For example, one approach to proactive support is to provide up-front information that helps customers avoid issues in the first place. It might be a FAQ section on the company’s web page, or an instructional video uploaded to YouTube.

Another approach is for the company to initiate contact with a customer concerning their order or experience. According to a 2013 customer service survey conducted by inContact, 87% of customers say they would welcome such contacts. When done appropriately, such company-initiated contacts can go a long way toward winning long-term loyalty. If a customer perceives the interaction as being positive, they’ll give the company points for caring enough to anticipate their needs without being asked. What’s more, they’ll talk about that novel experience with their friends, opening the door to possibly reaching new potential customers.

What does it take to provide proactive customer support? First of all, make it easy for customers to search out the information they need on your web site. Most internet-savvy consumers prefer it if they can quickly address their issue on their own, rather than waiting on hold to get through to a customer service representative (CSR).

But if a CSR is required, it should be as easy and straightforward as possible to make contact with a human being who will be proactive in resolving the issue. The front-line service representative, once apprised of the customer’s need, should take responsibility for seeing that the issue is fully addressed, rather than getting the caller trapped in an endless maze of telephone redirects from department to department.

Finally, when a potential issue with one of your products becomes evident within the company, don’t wait for customers to discover the problem on their own! Reach out proactively, with a plan to address the issue before customers feel they’ve been harmed. And make sure they have a means of following up with you if they still have concerns.

Proactive Support has great potential for increasing customer loyalty, and therefore your sales. If you’d like to know more about how this new way of meeting customer needs can help your business, please contact us.