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Get IT Support on Long Island Are you tired of paying again and again for IT support whenever you have a technology problem at your business? There is a better way to get IT support on Long Island. AE Technology Group offers managed IT services and IT support in Long Island and New York. We offer reliable hourly and emergency IT service as well as support that will keep your business

Looking for IT Solutions for Your Business?

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If you are looking for IT solutions for businesses, whether you are unhappy with your current IT support or you are a new business, AE Technology Group in Long Island and New York is here to help. AE Technology group offers managed IT services as well as traditional IT support. If you are asking—what is the difference?—let us explain Managed IT services puts AE Technology Group on your team. Instead of

Find IT Support on Long Island That Meets Your Needs

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If you have your own business in Long Island, chances are you have at least some IT needs. For a small business with only one computer and not very much dependence on it, maybe you can make due without IT support. But most small to medium businesses need some outside IT support. For the layman, IT is complicated, and as a business owner, you want to spend your time on your

Why Security is at the Heart of Managed IT Services on Long Island

It’s difficult to choose the most important component of managed IT services on Long Island. And that’s the whole point, really. Businesses outsource their tech support for a variety of reasons, and some value certain services more than others. But we can at least say that there’s one factor of managed IT services that you can’t exclude. Without it, business owners wouldn’t even consider managed IT services as a viable solution. That factor

Managed Services on Long Island Holding It All Together

One benefit of managed services on Long Island that we’d like to stress is cross-platform functionality. Managed IT services isn’t just about network security and monitoring. It also helps businesses integrate several of their practices to increase productivity. Whether it’s your marketing team, your sales team, or your accounting team, all your departments use data. A company’s data connects and unites all its teams and projects. Managed IT services help businesses improve their cooperation and