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One benefit of managed services on Long Island that we’d like to stress is cross-platform functionality. Managed IT services isn’t just about network security and monitoring. It also helps businesses integrate several of their practices to increase productivity.

Whether it’s your marketing team, your sales team, or your accounting team, all your departments use data. A company’s data connects and unites all its teams and projects. Managed IT services help businesses improve their cooperation and coordination between teams.

In information technology, support doesn’t just mean troubleshooting. A recent Tech Target article explains how IT support applies to integration:

“In information technology, support refers to functionality that is provided between or among products, programs, devices, modes, or accessories. For example, if you purchase a graphics program that allows for the inclusion of text inserts, audio, and full-motion video clips, you can create multimedia presentations. This program can be said to support text, audio, and full-motion video.”

Integration is a simple concept that many small businesses fail at. It’s important to get all of your different teams on the same page. The alignment between marketing and sales teams is particularly important for small businesses.

In addition, managed IT services can be used to improve cooperation in businesses. This is done by implementing a cost-effective communications solution like VoIP. This makes internal communication easier and allows for better coordination between different departments.

And as you probably already know, managed IT services drastically improve network security. With constant monitoring and layers of security, your network is more protected than ever with managed IT services.

Network security is a key component of IT support. But increasing productivity and improving internal communication are just as important for small businesses. Managed IT services is a complete package designed to improve business operations.

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