5 Handy Tips To Keep In Mind When Using Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word is one of the most common software suits in the world and is likely to be the leading name recognized around the world. However, the software is so well known that it’s hard to call anyone who uses such basic software something of a “power user”. However, for our weekly tips we are going to dive a bit deeper into the true capabilities of Microsoft Word and show

Microsoft Increases Protection From Junk Email in Office 365

Junk Email

Considering the extent to which many businesses rely on email, it is not surprising that the growing number of phishing and spoofing emails making it into people’s inboxes has become more of a problem than a nuisance. Considering Microsoft is one of the largest email providers for commercial users, with over 120 million business users subscribing to Office 365, Microsoft saw an opportunity to provide an additional service to its

Tip of the Week: Edit PDFs in Microsoft Word

PDF in Word

To open the .pdf simply open Microsoft Word and select Open Other Documents in the left hand menu. This will bring up the Open menu, click on browse. A message will pop up stating that Word will now convert your PDF to an editable Word document. Click on OK. The PDF will open in Word, but there will be a yellow bar across the top that indicates that this is

Three New Things Microsoft SharePoint Has to Offer

SharePoint Logo

SharePoint is still the most used platform for intranets, portals, and digital collaboration. There are challenges and limited updates, but that hasn’t done much to alter the success rate of SharePoint. Microsoft has made some changes to the collaborative platform, but knowing what they are won’t explain how it will help business. Here are three things that should be known: Usability When using products, ease of use is a huge

Two New Windows 10 Views that You’ll Love

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If you’re still not convinced if you should upgrade your computers to Windows 10, check out two of its new view features to sway your opinion. Revamped Start Menu Microsoft’s been indecisive about the Start Menu, relying it for many years, then making it go away with Windows 8, and then bringing it back in Windows 8.1. The latest version of this useful tool combines what the manufacturer’s learned from