Hosted Email Solutions Through Open Source Solutions

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It used to be where companies, especially enterprise-level ones, would mainly use proprietary email software such as Microsoft Exchange Server. Such software was useful for email, yet because it was proprietary, it had limited ability in being customizable, easy to use, and affordable. Yet in recent years, an increasing variety of email software has sprung up whereby proprietary software no longer has a grip on much of the market for

Customer Relationship Management for Small Businesses


What to Look Out for When Getting Started Using Customer Relationship Management software for a small business is an essential tool now to help bring a better sense of organization to your customer information. When using a version that uses the cloud, you can make it work like a data center to gain updated information on your customers to bring better customer service. But can CRM become too complex for some companies?

What is Open Source Software?

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What is Open Source? The best way to describe open source is that it is publicly accessible software that can be modified to suit a user or users’ specific needs. This type of software celebrates products and projects that embrace open exchange of collaborative participation, rapid prototyping, and community development. In essence, open source software offers its source code to anyone who would like to modify it. By definition “source

Jettison CRM hodgepodge through a customer relationship management software developer


What’s “CRM hodgepodge”? Just look at your computer desktop and applications folder. If your customer management relations software (CRM) is an eclectic conglomeration of applications you use to run your business — you know what they are: email, customer databases, spreadsheets — you have a hodgepodge of CRM solutions. As your enterprise matures, your IT solutions undergo a sort of “middle-aged spread.” Over time, all that out-of-the-box computer software has

What are the financial benefits of a Hosted Email solution?

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The average employee of a modern company sends and receives email with little thought to as how much overhead is required to maintain the system. However, those that manage the IT budget do, and over time the paradigm of on-premise, company hosted and managed email servers has started to show inefficiency. Thankfully, there are many options currently available for hosted email solutions. Some recent findings are not just validating the