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What is Open Source?

The best way to describe open source is that it is publicly accessible software that can be modified to suit a user or users’ specific needs. This type of software celebrates products and projects that embrace open exchange of collaborative participation, rapid prototyping, and community development.

In essence, open source software offers its source code to anyone who would like to modify it. By definition “source code” is the coding programmers use to design and modify how a program operates. This code determines how a program reacts to certain commands and prompts. This code can be modified accordingly, allowing programmers to add or remove portions of code that aren’t allowing a program to operate up to snuff or to improve program feature accessibility and runability.

Here are some advantages to implementing open source software:

Quality and Control: You can implement a generic program that has been developed by a thousand programmers, or you can choose the open source way. In open source program development a handful of developers work in collaboration with your firm to create a personalized system which suits your needs.

Freedom to Customize: Get creative. You can tweak and change your open source software whenever the need arises. Since the code is open, it can be modified however you choose. You are also free of vendor lock-in which determines price, timetables, usage, maneuverability, and priority of the software.

Flexibility: Unlike traditional generic OS like Windows, you do not have to constantly update your open source hardware so it operates properly. Microsoft keeps your organization on a treadmill of endless hardware and software upgrades. Since open source software is less intensive than big Ops like Windows, you will be able to run it more easily and for a longer period of time on your current hardware system.

Increased Security: In comparison to proprietary software, open source is inherently more secure. Since generic code is easier for hackers to access, data breach is a constant threat. Since open source software is personalized by your organization, the opportunity for cyber threat decreases. Open source software code is closed to public view; therefore its vulnerabilities are illusive to potential threat.

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