Remedies to Common VoIP Problems

Common VoIP Problems

If your business has switched from traditional telephony to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), you are aware already of some of the pros and cons. Probably you are saving a lot of money, which is great! But you also may be running into some problems that are affecting the satisfaction of your customers, which you definitely don’t want. So here are some common VoIP problems that people face, and some

What is VoIP? Why is it Changing Business Telecom?

Up until recently there has always been a major bottleneck to the growth of a company: communication. In theory it is possible to have hundreds of thousands of employees distributed all across the globe helping you achieve your business goals, but as more people enter into your talent pool the costs of keeping them connected can quickly add up. Traditional phone systems, such as PBX, have been able to address

No More Tricks to Speak with a LIVE Person!

Phone Operator

We are constantly working on implementing the quickest ways to resolve your issues so you can get back to work. You may have already noticed that when you call in and select option #2 for support a live team member will answer your call, assist in creating a support ticket and even transfer you directly to a support technician if available. If no support technician is available, your ticket will