what is voip why is it changing business telecom

Up until recently there has always been a major bottleneck to the growth of a company: communication. In theory it is possible to have hundreds of thousands of employees distributed all across the globe helping you achieve your business goals, but as more people enter into your talent pool the costs of keeping them connected can quickly add up.

Traditional phone systems, such as PBX, have been able to address the needs of businesses with large numbers of personnel, albeit with relatively high cost. However, scaling them is not all that economical and international phone communication has always been costly. The proliferation of web technology has lead to businesses investing in IP networks, which can now be used for telephone and not just internet access.

We are now living in the age of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Rather than use dedicated lines for voice communication, VoIP allows a business to use it’s IP network for voice as well. This is the same IP network that you use to talk to other computers in your network and surf the web, and designing and creating this technology has been an amazing technical challenge.

Originally IP technologies were not designed with any real-time communication in mind. But with research and new hardware this technology has matured and now delivers the same quality of service (QoS) as traditional phone lines that businesses all over the world with MORE options. Businesses with employees all over the world have made the switch to VoIP phone lines.

For employees, the transition is pretty seamless. A business can use VoIP handsets that use digital-to-analog conversion and operate just like a conventional phone. For the business, the cost of maintaining separate phone and IP networks goes away, and the VoIP network is always cheaper and far more scalable.

The first step in making the switch to VoIP is to examine your business needs: make sure that making the transition is worth the investment by talked to a trusted technology partner that can help you implement a VoIP system to better achieve your business goals.

If you are interested in VoIP for your business you can contact sales, or call 877-771-AETG.

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