The Modern Workplace and How Technology Has Affected It

how technology has affected the modern workplace

Throughout history, technology has continuously modified the way employees across every industry do their work. Not long ago, companies were in the mess of numerous paperwork. Heavy expenses were incurred so as to reach customers, memos had to be released and posted on notice boards, as well as numerous meetings in rooms. Nevertheless, technology has changed all of this and made work more comfortable. You now stand a chance to work in the comfort of your home effectively. Here are some of the ways in which technology has reshaped the modern workplace

Speed and Efficiency

Technology has made it possible for you to work faster and become more fruitful when working from home. Using modern software systems not only motivates you to do more work but also do a clean job. Unlike in the past, when you had to do a lot of paperwork, completing a task is now just a click away. 

Technology has streamlined how fast a certain task will be completed. It has become easy to track down how your colleagues are working and bring out better results together. Therefore, the ability to bring out fast and efficient results lies on the screen in front of you. 

Better Team Collaboration

Technology has dramatically changed the way people used to communicate. Smartphones, chat apps, and social networking sites have taken communication to another level. This makes it easy to get in touch with your colleagues and deliberate on how you can continue being more productive. 

Technology has also made it easier for managers to track the progress of every employee. This keeps every worker on their toes and ensures that all work is efficiently done and thus more output. Holding meetings has also become easy due to teleconferencing. This saves you not only time but also the extra expenses that would have been used to commute to the office.

Reduced Risk of Security Breaches

Initially stealing essential and sensitive information from a company was easy, but now with technology, it has almost become impossible to get such information. This is because proper security measures brought about by technology have been put in place.  

Technology has also made it possible for every employees’ conversations to be tracked. This ensures that no security breach is caused by any of your colleagues. When your company is secure, you also become secure in terms of your job. 

Effective Cost Management

Every company’s goal is to increase profitability as well as the quality of services offered. Now that technology has made working from home easy and effective, the overall expenses of the company have reduced. Manual handling of tasks has been eliminated and more efficient ways have been put in place

The use of computers while working from home helps you to get more accurate results, unlike when you had to do a lot of paperwork. Once accuracy has been achieved, there is an easy retrieval of information anytime it is needed. Besides, the work that could have been done by several people is easily done by one person in the comfort of their home. This helps to reduce many expenses in your company while achieving more profits. 

Keeps The Business Fully Organized

Technology makes it possible for the business to be well organized. When working from home, updating your progress and achievements on your company’s online data records brings out clear and clean work, unlike when using paperwork. This makes it possible to easily trace and know how well you are faring in line with the requirements of the company. 

Not only are you able to keep track of what you are doing, but also track how your collaborative workmates are doing too. This helps you to make comparisons and improve where necessary, thus increasing your productivity. 

Difficulty Detaching from Work

Working from home can be very enjoyable, especially now that we are living in a modern world. If not well planned, you may meet yourself working overtime and making it hard to break off from work. This becomes possible due to the beauty of working with modern tools, but it can bring about negative results when not carefully observed. 

In as much as you can do a lot of work when working from home, setting working hours and keenly following them is very crucial. This is because overworking leads to burnout and then, in turn, low productivity. Making sure that you take breaks from work is very vital and ends up increasing your productivity.

Technology has, therefore, made working from home not only possible but also effective and very fruitful.

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Optimize Your Business by Speeding Up Your Windows 10 Startup

optimize your business by speeding up your windows 10 startup

speed up startup

One common complaint from Windows users who’ve upgraded to Windows 10 is a suddenly slow startup speed. Since upgrading, have you gotten in the habit of arriving at the office, turning on your computer, and then shuffling off to brew some coffee while waiting for it to start up?

Even if it isn’t that bad, chances are that you can speed up your startup with these tips.

1. Run a virus scan

Windows comes loaded with its own virus protection package, Windows Defender. You can either use that or whatever third-party anti-virus program you prefer. Just open the program and follow its instructions to run a full-system scan. Once you’re certain that you’re virus and malware-free, move on to the next step.

2. Check your startup applications

The more applications and processes your computer has to boot, the longer your startup time will be. To make changes here, open your Windows task manager by hitting Ctrl + Alt + Esc on your keyboard.  Sort the items by their ‘startup impact rating’, so that the high ones are listed first. Determine which high impact processes are crucial upon startup, and simply disable anything that isn’t. Remember,  you aren’t uninstalling these programs, so don’t worry. You can always return to the task manager to undo any changes you’ve made.

3. Turn on Fast Startup

From the Start Menu, click on Power Options. On the left panel, click Choose What The Power Button Does, and then select Change Settings That Are Currently Unavailable. From there, check the box for Turn On Fast Startup, save your changes, and voila!

4. Delayed start options

Did you know that you can alter your startup so that some applications boot immediately, and others do soon after? This will get your PC up and running more quickly without forgoing any necessary startup applications.

To do this, reboot your computer, and then as soon as the desktop appears, hit the Windows Key + R. This opens your Run Box. Type in services.msc and hit enter. Observe the list of services that appear. If any of them seem to take longer to launch than the others, right-click and open it. From there, change the settings from default to delayed start, save the changes, and reboot.

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A Scam-Free Guide on How to Increase Your Computer Speed

a scam free guide on how to increase your computer speed

If you’ve ever owned a laptop or desktop computer older than a couple years, you have first-hand experience with slowing machines. Computers tend to gradually slow down, so some owners may not even realize how slow their computer is in comparison to its first day of use. If it’s now clicking that your computer is taking longer to start up and load web pages, consider these tips on how to speed it back up.Computer-Speed

Avoid MyCleanPC

We’ll start here because this may be the most important point. Registry cleaners don’t work and because of their questionable marketing tactics, some may even say that they’re a scam. Software such as MyCleanPC will offer you a free diagnosis, list hundreds of problems that probably don’t affect the performance of your computer, and then offer to fix them for a small fee ($39.99). A recent How-to-Geek article explains why this software is useless:

“Temporary files are not slowing down your computer, and neither are browser history entries or cookies. Registry entries are generally not a problem — there’s a reason Microsoft once created a registry cleaner of their own before discontinuing it and advising people not to use registry cleaners.”

Clean up your computer

Now on to steps that your business should actually take. Cleaning up your computer and getting rid of unnecessary files and programs can speed up your computer greatly. To do this:

  • run Disk Cleanup on Windows
  • clean up your Desktop
  • uninstall unused programs
  • reduce the number of programs that load at startup

You’d be surprised how much memory on your computer is used up by programs and files you haven’t used for years. The Disk Cleanup tool will help you find files you probably wouldn’t look for otherwise.

Remove viruses, spyware, and adware

Viruses, spyware, and adware are still very real threats to computers. You should scan your computer from time to time and remove any suspicious files. These may be hurting the performance of your computer.

Choose a new browser

When all of that’s done, pick an Internet browser that’s right for you. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are fast, reliable, and supported by almost all websites. If you already have one of these browsers and want to keep it, then remove unused plugins to clean the browser up.

It won’t take a long time to carry out all of these tips, but they should have a noticeable effect on your computer. You can check back to this list from time to time to repeat the actions and keep your computer fast.

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