three things about voip phone systems for office 365 you should really know

ae-voipIf you’re considering a voip phone system for office 365, then you’ll want to make sure you know these three things:

Integration with Microsoft Lync:

VoIP is about to make a huge stride in terms of popularity because of its support by Microsoft Lync. The software makes it convenient and easy for businesses to integrate VoIP. The most important aspect of this is that it uses a Microsoft-styled interface which just about everyone is comfortable with. It’s not a difficult transition for employees since they don’t have to get used to a completely new interface.


Once they open the program for the very first time, employees will notice one thing immediately: many features of Microsoft Lync have to do with collaboration. Whether messaging or calling, the software makes it easy for employees to communicate with each other. This is especially useful for hosting meetings online. Again, because the interface is rather straight-forward, employees won’t need extensive training to learn how to set up or attend meetings on Microsoft Lync.

Cost-effective communications solution:

On top of all this, businesses will save a lot of money after they switch to VoIP. Although a lot has changed since VoIP was initially developed, one thing holds true for small businesses: it’s an extremely cost-effective communications solution. It’s not uncommon for businesses to have their phone bill cut in half once they leave their landline phone provider and switch to VoIP. This benefit isn’t going to change anytime soon.

If you were thinking about VoIP in the past but decided your business wasn’t ready for the transition, now is the time to reconsider. Unlike in the past, VoIP can now be integrated with office 365. The benefits are still the same, but a lot of the hurdles have been taken away.

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