What is Cyber SafetyAsking the question of “what is cyber safety?” might bring a lot of different answers in a time when dealing with the Internet has many layers of complexity.

But cyber safety still can be whittled down to a basic idea of protecting personal information and personal reputation. While the latter might sound more like reputation management, the intention of cyber safety is to find ways to prevent problems before they even occur.

In the world of kids, especially, programs are being developed (through iKeepSafe for one) to help them recognize what to look out for when online and how to ward off threats. Adults need just as much supervision, particularly when it’s easy to get complacent if they haven’t had anything happen before.

What things should you be looking out for when you go online to help make it a safer environment and to prevent any issues like cyber theft sullying your reputation?

Recognizing the Risks

The real danger of cyber threats is that you don’t always know something is happening to you right away. Hacking, for instance, can happen quietly while you’re online with no signs anything occurred. Only months after you find out your identity was stolen or other personal things were invaded will you realize that something might have gone amiss while online.

Your first step is to acknowledge that these threats are ongoing and to recognize the things you can use to protect yourself. This also includes recognizing the social threats on the Internet from predators when school students are online. Even adults are vulnerable to cyber bullying, which can be solved with the proper protections and behavior online.

Recognizing the Proper Tools

The silent threats of hacking and those gaining access to your private information can be warded off with firewalls and virus protection programs. While these can vary in price and are even free in some cases, their features can vary on the level of protection. If you’re a business, you might be vulnerable taking on free online protection programs that might work well for individuals, but not for major companies. The same applies to firewalls when not all you buy (including expensive ones) are proven to be fail-safe.

All of the above also applies to schools where kids are going online every day. Not having something 100% reliable could potentially place all computers in a school in jeopardy, while also leaving kids vulnerable. However, proper cyber safety courses should be given in schools to help ward off predators with proper online behavior.

While recognition of these threats and finding solutions are part of every goal in keeping online activity safe, should you rely on buying your own software for a fee or free?

Choosing an IT Team to Ward Off Threats

When you work with an experienced IT support team, you can have someone there who’s assured to give you the latest technology to keep your computer systems safe. Here at AE Technology Group, we use our IT support service to help many businesses in the Long Island, New York area be able to keep the use of the Internet in business a safe endeavor. With our attention to the latest technology, customer service, proactive solutions, and rapid response times, you can rest assured your business will have a top team watching out for you at all times with successful protection.

Contact us so we can do an analysis of what your company or school needs. We’ll help integrate the online world in a way that’s still fun while shutting out the wild west mentality still out there.