For those of you who still don’t know, the term cloud computing can mean many things. The easiest way to describe it would be as a group of services that are available to you whenever and wherever an Internet connection is available.

An online backup refers to one of these cloud services that lets you take a copy of your personal files from your PC, Mac, or mobile device and store it in another secure location in “the cloud”. The benefit of this is two-fold. One so that you can access these files from any location with an Internet connection, and two so that in the event that your system fails your files remain safe.

Backing up has been a process that many home users and small business have always dreaded. Until now it has been confusing, and probably has left you wondering what files to back up, what media to put it on? You no longer need CD/DVDs, flash drives that get lost, external hard drives that are slow and fail; you have the cloud!

A quick setup ensures that all your data is backed up, and can be restored in no time in the event of a disaster. You can chose to back up in real time, or you can set automatic online backup in which, once selected, regularly and automatically backs up that data without any further user interaction.

Backing up has never been easier thanks to the cloud, and now AE Technology Group can integrate cloud solutions for you.

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