How Technology Has Affected the Modern Workplace

How Technology Has Affected the Modern Workplace

Throughout history, technology has continuously modified the way employees across every industry do their work. Not long ago, companies were in the mess of numerous paperwork. Heavy expenses were incurred so as to reach customers, memos had to be released and posted on notice boards, as well as numerous meetings in rooms.

Nevertheless, technology has changed all of this and made work more comfortable. You now stand a chance to work in the comfort of your home effectively. Here are some of the ways in which technology has reshaped the modern workplace. 

1. Speed and Efficiency

Technology has made it possible for you to work faster and become more fruitful when working from home. Using modern software systems not only motivates you to do more work but also do a clean job. Unlike in the past, when you had to do a lot of paperwork, completing a task is now just a click away. 

Technology has streamlined how fast a certain task will be completed. It has become easy to track down how your colleagues are working and bring out better results together. Therefore, the ability to bring out fast and efficient results lies on the screen in front of you. 

2. Better Team Collaboration

Technology has dramatically changed the way people used to communicate. Smartphones, chat apps, and social networking sites have taken communication to another level. This makes it easy to get in touch with your colleagues and deliberate on how you can continue being more productive. 

Technology has also made it easier for managers to track the progress of every employee. This keeps every worker on their toes and ensures that all work is efficiently done and thus more output. Holding meetings has also become easy due to teleconferencing. This saves you not only time but also the extra expenses that would have been used to commute to the office.

3. Reduced Risk of Security Breaches

Initially stealing essential and sensitive information from a company was easy, but now with technology, it has almost become impossible to get such information. This is because proper security measures brought about by technology have been put in place.  

Technology has also made it possible for every employees’ conversations to be tracked. This ensures that no security breach is caused by any of your colleagues. When your company is secure, you also become secure in terms of your job. 

4. Effective Cost Management

Every company’s goal is to increase profitability as well as the quality of services offered. Now that technology has made working from home easy and effective, the overall expenses of the company have reduced. Manual handling of tasks has been eliminated and more efficient ways have been put in place

The use of computers while working from home helps you to get more accurate results, unlike when you had to do a lot of paperwork. Once accuracy has been achieved, there is an easy retrieval of information anytime it is needed. Besides, the work that could have been done by several people is easily done by one person in the comfort of their home. This helps to reduce many expenses in your company while achieving more profits. 

5. Keeps The Business Fully Organized

Technology makes it possible for the business to be well organized. When working from home, updating your progress and achievements on your company’s online data records brings out clear and clean work, unlike when using paperwork. This makes it possible to easily trace and know how well you are faring in line with the requirements of the company. 

Not only are you able to keep track of what you are doing, but also track how your collaborative workmates are doing too. This helps you to make comparisons and improve where necessary, thus increasing your productivity. 

6. Difficulty Detaching from Work

Working from home can be very enjoyable, especially now that we are living in a modern world. If not well planned, you may meet yourself working overtime and making it hard to break off from work. This becomes possible due to the beauty of working with modern tools, but it can bring about negative results when not carefully observed. 

In as much as you can do a lot of work when working from home, setting working hours and keenly following them is very crucial. This is because overworking leads to burnout and then, in turn, low productivity. Making sure that you take breaks from work is very vital and ends up increasing your productivity.

Technology has, therefore, made working from home not only possible but also effective and very fruitful. To learn more about this, feel free to contact us today.

5 IT Myths Heard All Too Often Your Business Should Know

5 IT Myths Heard All Too Often Your Business Should Know
Your Business Should Know

Working in IT can leave the door open for a lot of technology myths, conspiracies, and even rumors that will often times circulate around the water cooler. Some of them are downright funny and give your IT team a laugh. We’ve heard them all, and wanted to share them with you so you don’t get tripped up by these IT urban legends. 

Overnight Charging 

While a smartphone’s battery was once subject to overheating if it’s charged for too long, improvements to the battery have added a “trickle effect” that merely adds stress to the phone. Fortunately, you’ll do very little damage to your phone if it’s left charging overnight. However, the trickle effect can cause your phone to overheat which means you’re not completely out of the woods. If you have any reserve about charging your phone overnight, it should be about overheating and not overcharging. In fact, the experts suggest: removing your case to avoid making the problem worse. 

A Mac Is Immune To Viruses 

This is close to being true, but not quite. Your MacOS is still subjected to other internal infections that includes various malware, phishing attacks, and ransomware. The reason threats are so rare against Macs is a simple cost/benefit factor. Windows PCs have a higher market share that hackers are aware of leaving a small sliver for Macs. 

Cartridge Not Working? Blow On It

The massive 5 inch cartridges that offered us entertainment on our video games in the 80’s wouldn’t always boot on the first try. Children and teenagers would remove the cartridge and blow in it and then reinsert it into the game console. However, the actual problem with the connectors not being aligned. To fix it, one only had to simply reinsert it. The vapor from human breath probably did more harm than good over time. 

I Don’t Need Security. I Don’t Have Anything Important Stored On My PC

Unfortunately, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. If you check your emails or have social media accounts on your PC or other devices, a hacker will still pillage your information. If you have accessed a storage file, you have opened yourself up to a ton of risks. A hacker can have access to every account you’ve opened simply by hacking your email. Long story short… secure your computer. 

Google Pays For Preferential Treatment

When you do web searches and see that little ad, this means a business (or website) has set up a budget with Google in an attempt to attract more web traffic. It’s proven to be worthwhile for businesses, but we have become “adver-content” and only 20 percent of web traffic will actually click through these ads. This means the ads are profitable to the website they belong to and Google, but certainly not us-unless we’re interested in their business niche. 

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Computer Tip of the Day: Don’t Ignore Updates

Computer Tip of the Day: Don't Ignore Updates

Don't Ignore UpdatesComputer Tip of the Day: Don’t Ignore Updates

For many people, continually updating their computers can get annoying. They seem to need an update so frequently, and the notifications keep getting in the way of what they’re trying to accomplish, primarily when it gets to the critical condition of finally forcing a restart to install those updates. Super frustrating, right?

But what if you were told those updates to your computer are incredibly significant and should frequently be checked? It’d probably make you roll your eyes, but it’s true. Keeping up-to-date on your computer’s installs are essential and will improve your computer in many ways.

It’ll run quicker.

Many times lagging from your computer comes from ignoring updates. Once they’ve piled up enough, your computer will begin punishing you for not taking better care of it. Our computers are supposed to help us in our day-to-day life so ensuring they’re working correctly is essential.

It’ll start faster.

Don’t you hate when you need to use your computer for something, but it won’t start because it’s installing updates? Checking your updates more frequently can prevent this from happening. When you’re doing using your computer for the day, quickly check to see if there are any updates. Testing for this could even be a weekly event. If there are updates pending, let them run while leaving your laptop alone to charge.

No more freezing screens.

Lagging is terrible, but having a screen freeze is worse. Piled updates pending to go can severely decrease the speed of your computer, sometimes making a screen freeze entirely. We know force-restarting devices are never a good thing, so why continuously do it to your computer?

You might even enjoy the update.

It seems impossible to believe considering how much we all hate change, but sometimes updates can improve issues on your computer. That’s what the updates are for, right? To enhance the user’s experience online.

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Considering the Future of Wireless Charging

Considering the Future of Wireless Charging

The Future of Wireless Charging

There is a lot of demand for perfected wireless charging. If this could happen, it’s possible to think about a world where no devices ever ran out of juice. Though there is a major push to make this happen, it’s clear that there are some people out there who don’t think that wireless charging will have as drastic an effect as it would seem.

The Current State of Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is pretty common nowadays. Some mobile devices are already equipped with wireless charging… at least, while they are placed on a special charging pad. This kind of defeats the purpose of wireless charging, but there are efforts being made to remove this from the equation. A company called Ossia seeks to implement wireless charging that can be done from a distance through a method called trickle charging.

This type of power delivery depends on radio frequencies to send both data and power to the connected device. Thanks to this method, Ossia has developed new conduits that eliminate the need for charging pads and cater to the new devices under its Cota line. Rather than the device having to be physically connected to the power source, the signal can charge the device while keeping it connected to the wireless network.

Ossia’s new charging system can also be used to charge up AA batteries that can be charged without being connected to anything. There are even ceiling tiles that can be used to send out this signal to your devices.

But is it a Good Thing?

While this might be a convenient way to take advantage of your technology without having to keep it plugged in all the time, how can you know what the ramifications of using this technology will be? If your device is always charging, what kind of damage could this do to your battery in the long run? Overcharging might not be a concern any longer, but modern batteries can still suffer from extended periods of charging. This comes from what makes the battery itself.

Lithium-ion batteries have three components that they need to use: a positive and negative electrode (made of a lithium-based compound and carbon graphite, respectively) and an electrolyte. The lithium ions flow from the positive electrode to the negative through the electrolyte. While the power is being used, the ions flow back to the positive electrode.

This process eventually wears away the electrolyte that allows for this flow of ions. This prevents them from ever functioning at optimal efficiency again. Since the ions aren’t able to move, the battery doesn’t work as well as it would have in the past. Ultimately, every battery has a number of charge cycles that it can handle before it’s just not effective anymore.

Since wireless charging would eat away at the battery constantly, the lifespan of the battery itself would be directly affected. Some believe that the battery constantly being at full charge would optimize its efficiency in the long run, though. Another argument focuses on whether or not a fully-charged device would be worth the cost of a replacement battery, which ultimately is up to the user to decide.

What are your thoughts on wireless charging? Let us know in the comments.

FinTech Has a Daily Impact on Our Lives

FinTech Has a Daily Impact on Our Lives

What is FinTech?

Money is what makes the world go around, or so they say. Everyone is in business to make money, but the degree to which the organization deals with it might vary. For example, some companies, like banks, are designed to make money by helping others manage theirs. Banks and marketplace lenders take advantage of what is called financial technology, or FinTech, to more effectively provide services to individuals or organizations that want to manage, borrow, pay, see, or use their money in more efficient ways.

Banks are more subject to specific regulations, whereas marketplace lenders, or MPLs, are still somewhat on the upswing. FinTech helps them lend, collect, and distribute capital. MPLs have risen in popularity in recent years, and it’s likely because an estimated $7 trillion is at risk of being displaced from the financial services market. They take advantage of modern technology, which ultimately means that they are at less risk overall than with any other non-regulated financial transaction. Legislators are hard at work creating ways to regulate these organizations without keeping them from innovating, but this proves challenging, as there needs to be something in place to protect consumers.

What is FinTech?

Simply put, FinTech is any sort of technology that is used to track or manage your finances. This includes your credit card, online banking systems, and even applications like PayPal. While technology isn’t anything new in this regard, the drastic changes to hardware and software in recent years have fostered growth in this sector, providing new mediums outside of the traditional banking infrastructure. Whereas banks have been run in largely the same way for a long time now, MPLs have a considerably larger amount of virtual capital that allows these companies to invest in ways that other independent organizations could only dream of. Basically, thanks to FinTech, investors have more options than ever before.

These days, most money is flowing through asset managers who take the money and invest it in non-traditional methods through technology systems. Even defining FinTech is an issue at times due to the scope of what it covers, including where the company operates and what kind of lending facility it is. Overall, regarding federal regulations, the latest FinTech models present questionable situations that need to be addressed by legislators. Federal investigators have had their eye on this sector for around five years now, so compared to banks that are somewhat limited in what they can and cannot use their capital for, marketplace lenders have been able to bypass these restrictions to create new opportunities.

Payday Loans

Independent lenders are certainly nothing new for the financial industry either, but they have always had a negative connotation associated with them. One of the more controversial lending organizations out there is the payday loan market, which lets users take advantage of fast money in the form of a short-term, high-interest loan. If the user can pay it back before their next paycheck, then the lender only charges them a small fee. If not, it gets ugly. The loan can be renewed with interest added into the equation. Generally speaking, most people would only need a couple hundred dollars that can’t wait until their next paycheck, but those who need more might find themselves in a questionable position before long. Several U.S. states have outlawed such loans specifically due to how predatory they are, but other locations that have yet to do so are seeing major challenges from FinTech lenders.

Some FinTech lenders are attempting to make getting a payday loan much different. These lenders, including LendUP and Elevate, are offering services where the big difference is that they work with borrowers rather than purposely get them into situations where they are in over their heads. This new FinTech model aims to help borrowers repair their credit by turning toward data analytics.

What FinTech services do you currently use? Would you recommend one to others? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.