how cloud computing can save small business owners time and money

Small business owners don’t have a lot of time to waste. When they’re not improving their product or service, they’re generally working on other areas of their business. Things like communications and technology shouldn’t hold business owners up too much. They should work as they’re supposed to and assist business operations.

A recent CNBC article covers the transition that many small businesses are making to cloud computing. The article tells the story of Leo Sanders, the owner of a pet day care called Tough Pups in New York. In the article, Sanders explains how cloud computing saves him time on an average business day:

“I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and dedicate specific blocks of time to do certain tasks—it can be very disruptive to my day. When it comes to companies that almost automate tasks like this, it levels the playing field.”

There are many different cloud tools and resources that small businesses can use to improve their operations. Businesses can back up their data online so they don’t have to worry about purchasing new hardware and backing it up. In addition, cloud computing can be used in a disaster recovery plan so businesses can restore their operations quickly in the case of a disaster.

And the best part is that all of these tools and resources are available to small businesses at a reasonable cost. That lets them compete against corporations and larger businesses that can afford better technology and data centers. With cloud computing, small businesses don’t have to worry about the upfront cost that comes with purchasing hardware. They can just sign up for a plan and use the service supported by a cloud provider. This keeps the playing feel level for small businesses that can’t afford to purchase new hardware every month.

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