How to Use Cloud Printing

A cloud with an open hand underneath it palm side up.

“The Cloud” is a popular buzzword nowadays, that refers to services that can be hosted entirely on the internet. There is cloud hosting, cloud backups, cloud email…and now cloud printing. In this article, we will explain not only what cloud printing is, but how to cloud print. What is cloud printing? Cloud printing is a service that allows you to print to your home or office printers from anywhere in

How Cloud Computing Can Save Small Business Owners Time and Money

Small business owners don’t have a lot of time to waste. When they’re not improving their product or service, they’re generally working on other areas of their business. Things like communications and technology shouldn’t hold business owners up too much. They should work as they’re supposed to and assist business operations. A recent CNBC article covers the transition that many small businesses are making to cloud computing. The article tells

Cloud Computing – The Future of Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen. Whether they be natural or man-made – hurricanes that flood your company’s headquarters or viruses that contaminate your IT department’s servers – the consequences can be devastating. Studies have shown that 43% of companies that cannot retrieve their data due to a disaster strike never reopen and that 29% of these companies close within two years. How can your business protect itself in the face of these inevitable

Why Choose Cloud Computing? This video says it all.

Why Choose Cloud Computing? If you have just 3 minutes of time today, watch this video. It will open your eyes to the cloud so much you’ll be saying, “Why aren’t I doing this already?” And if you were confused as to why choose cloud computing before, you will “get it”. See, we told you so 🙂 Call AE Technology Group today and we will get you started on your

Cloud Computing: Why education and classrooms should embrace it

Cloud Computing in Schools

It’s a classic cliche: “There is one constant in the universe: Everything Changes.” Some changes are small, but then there are changes like cloud computing, which have the potential to thoroughly change the industry. Cloud computing in schools started being used in larger universities first, but slowly filtered down into elementary schools as people got more comfortable with the technology. Cloud computing takes advantage of a shared, virtual server to